Tamon X Reader (Arlequin X Reader)

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Tamon X Reader

(Y/N) P.O.V

Damn it ! I threw my canvas in the trash and picked up a new one from out of the bin. I have been tryin to perfect this painting for hours now, yet every time I finish, I'm not satisfied. I wish Tamon was here ! He usually gives me enough inspiration to paint. And my paintings always turn out better with him around. But he's been on tour, and hasn't had the chance to stop by the house.

I looked at the blank canvas, and started to sketch out a drum set. The drum set was going to have flowers, and vines growing from it. For extra detail, I had added in musical notes around it.

This painting was meant for Tamon. He is very special to me, and my source of inspiration. So this painting is dedicated to him. Tamon doesn't know how much I love him, and how much of a mess my life would be without him. Seriously, if I never met him, I'd still be working as a nurse, instead of a painter like I wanted to do in the first place.

He brings in enough money, which allows me to be a painter. My paintings are in display around museums around the world, which gives me a nice source of income as well. However, when I first started, I wasn't bringing in money. But Tamon told me to keep going, and I would make it. I listened to him, and look where I am now. A famous painter.

I poured out different color paints. Red, white, black, yellow, and green. I used all the primary colors to help me make the other colors needed. I wanted the vines to be dark green, so I mixed a dot of black and green to make dark green. I wanted to flowers to be blue, and pink. I mixed yellow and green to make blue. And I mixed white and red to make pink.

Once I was happy with my colors, I immediately started to work on the painting. This time, I just thought about Tamon. Maybe that would help me stay motivated, and not mess up his painting.


Tamon's P.O.V

"I don't know what to do Aki ! I want this to be perfect for her." I complained. Today was the end of the tour, and I was on my way back home. However, I wanted to stop at this jewelry stop to get her a weeding ring. I had been wanting to ask her to marry me for months now. However, I could never find the perfect ring up to her standards and beauty.

However, there was a very popular shop in Nagoya. They were known for making proposals perfect with the perfect ring. Sure they might be expensive, but (Y/N)'s worth it. My only issue is how am I going to make it perfect.

"Aki, are you even listening !" I screamed at Aki. He stopped staring out into space, and looked at me with confusion, clearly shown by his face. "What were you talking about Tamon?" He had asked. I rolled my eyes, and repeated my sentence.

"I SAID, I want to make the proposal perfect for (Y/N). So I need to get a ring before we leave Nagoya. However, I'm stuck on what else to do for her Aki !"

"Hmm..." Aki started to think. "Well, (Y/N) likes flowers, get her some flowers."

"But what else Aki?"

"Flowers, and a scavenger hunt !"

"Huh?" I looked at Aki confused. "What do you mean?"

"Well have her look for 3 items, and the last item can be something special. Not the ring though. When she finds everything, have some flowers come down from the stage, and bring her out on the stage, then propose to her."

"On stage?"

"Yeah," Aki had announced. "We have one more concert in Tokyo. Where we live. Remember?"

"Oh yeah, well let's set everything up then !"

(Y/N) P.O.V

"FINALLY !" I dropped my paintbrush on the ground, and feel to the ground. I'm happy with my painting. I can take it to Tamon tonight, and show it to him. Now I just need to get ready for the concert.

I went into my room, and took a hot shower. I needed to get all the paint of my body, and out of my hair as well. Paint somehow just got all in my hair and my skin.

I got out of the shower, and decided to dress up. It's their tour final, so it's something special for Tamon, and his band. I went into my closet, and decided to wear the dress that Tamon had brought for me a year ago, which I had never wore. It was black, and glittery. The straps where spaghetti straps, and the dress was form fitting.

I put on the dress, and picked out some matte, black heels with bows on the back of the heel. I popped on the shoes, and went into the bathroom to finish getting ready. I put my hair into a neat bun, and had to little pieces of hair stick out on the sides. I curled them with the curling iron to make it look neat. I put a black bow in the back of the bun to add some accessories.

Once I was dressed, I grabbed the painting, and my keys to my car. I locked the door to the house, and went to my car. I gently put the painting in the back of my car, and drove off to the show.


I had opened the door back stage, and walked in carrying the heavy painting in my hand. A not was left on the back of the door, addressed to me. I took the note off the door, and stuffed in my purse. I noticed that Tamon was already out there, so I set the painting in his dressing room, and read the note.

"To my love, after opening this note you'd begun the game. You need to find 3 items. Each having a significance to our life. It should be easy, if you remember. Here is your first clue ! We had this on our first date, you'd never tried it until I made you."

I smiled at the note, and put it down. That one was easy. It was sushi ! I went to the food bar back stage, and saw 1 piece of sushi sitting on the table. I ate the sushi of course, and grabbed the next note.

"Good job babe. here is your next clue, your life, my life !"

I tilted my head in confusion. Our life. . . I walked around, thinking of what it could be. After a while of thinking, I realized what it was. A paintbrush ! My life is paining, and he made it his life by heling me. I searched around the makeup rooms, until I found a drum stick, shaped as a paintbrush. I laughed at his creativity, and opened the note attached.

"Alright my angel, last one. This one is embarrassing. Our first time trying something new, you were scared, but I helped through it. Look in my luggage, and you'll find that piece."

I was in Tamon's makeup room, so I looked around the room, and found his luggage. I opened it, and saw a whip. Damn him ! I opened up the note attached.

"Kinky right ? Now go on the side of the stage, and wait."

I walked to the side of the stage, and saw him. Playing the drums aggressively, sweat pouring off his forehead, but he's still smiling. That made my heart flutter. He peeked over, and saw me. His smile grew bigger, and played with more excitement.

After Aki had sung my favorite song, "Douke no hana", Tamon had came off the drum, and stood next to Aki. The rest of the band members gathered around Tamon, while Aki passed Tamon the mic.

"I know that this so sudden for me to come up, and speak. But today is a special day. (Y/N) please come center stage." I looked around, and went center stage. Then flowers begun to fall from the ceiling. Roses pouring down slowly. Then the audience began to throw flowers as well.

Tamon came center stage, and looked me in the eye. "Babe, we'd been together 3 years now. But I've been wanting to do this months now. However let me say this, you are my world. My motivation, my source of energy. You are the light, when I am the darkness. You are my artistic beauty. I love you, and I just ask of one thing from you." Tamon dropped down on one knee, and grabbed a box out of his pocket.

"(Y/N), will you marry me please." Tears were falling down his face, and tears started flowing through mine. My legs were about to give up on me, until I finally said my answer. "Yes Tamon !" I jumped in his arms, and kissed his lips softly.

The audience clapped, and screamed for us. Aki had started singing again, but without instruments. He sung "Douke no hana", my favorite song. I had pulled away from Tamon, and kept crying.

"I love you Tamon ~! I love you so much !"

"I love you too (Y/N) ! More then you'll ever know !"

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