Reita x Reader (the gazette)

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(This is my first time writing a fanfiction, and one-shots. So, it might not be good)

(S/N) = Sister's name ( if you don't have a sister, use your closest friends name)

(Y/N) = Your name ( duh)

(Y/F/M) = Your favorite movie

(E/C) = Eye Color

(Y/N) P.O.V

    'Ughh, I don't know what to get Reita for his birthday', you thought to yourself. You had exactly 24 hours to think of a birthday gift for your best friend Reita. Scurrying around the mall, you found one particular store.

    "(S/N)! I found the perfect gift for him!" You screamed in the mall.

    " Calm down (Y/N)! I'm right here, no need for screaming"

    You had saw a bass guitar in this music store. It was purple with black stripes. The purple glistened in the light, as you were looking at it in the window. You dragged your sister into the store, and looked for someone to help you guys.

    "Excuse me sir, Do you work here?" You asked a guy, that was in the back fixing a guitar. He had purple spiked hair, and was wearing a Nirvana t-shirt, with baggy jeans, and black combat boots.

    "Yes, Do you need help young lady?" The man asked you.

    "Do you think you can get me that guitar in the window?" You pointed to the guitar in the window.

    "Yes, that one is on sale right now for $12,000, but since your a very pretty young lady, I will give it to you for $10,000, and a free engraving of a name on it."

    "I will take it then!" You said, with a huge grin on your face.

    " Sold! What name you want engraved on it?"

    " The name Reita, spelled R E I T A!

    " Give me an hour, and it should be done"

    You and your sister left the store, and walked around the mall for a while.

    " You must really like him, more then a best friend! You are spending a lot of money on him sis" Your sister said teasingly to you.

    Although, you did like him ever since you first laid eyes on him, you didn't want to admit it to your sister. " No! I for him...O-OKAY!" You told your sister, and started walking faster towards a store in the mall.

Reita's P.O.V

    After band practice, I went home. It was 9:00 at night. I was wondering what (Y/N) was doing, she hasn't called me all day. I decided that I was going to call her, and see what she's up to.


    "Moshi, Moshi!"

    "Hey, I haven't heard from you all day. I was getting worried about you. Can I come over later?"

    "Umm...Isn't it pretty the time you come over it would be 12:00, Are you sure?

    " That's fine with me! I will spend the night then. See you in a few."

    I hung up the phone. 'Tonight I will confess my true feelings for her. I loved her for a while now, I can't keep pretending I don't like her.'

    ~Time skip, Brought to you by Kai's adorable smile ^_^ ~

(Y/N) P.O.V

     He is gonna be here in 10 minutes, which means, his birthday is in 10 minutes. I need to hide his bass somewhere. I hid it in my room, and shut the door.


I went, and opened the door for him. " Hey Reita! You can put your stuff in the guest room, and we can play some video games, and watch a movie. If that's what you want?"

    " That's fine (Y/N)!"

    We watched 2 movies. His favorite Child's Play, and My favorite (Y/F/M). We played 2 video games too. We played Dishonored, and Call of Duty. I beat him twice in Call of Duty ^_^.

    "Hey, Its 4 a.m. already, so its getting late, which means before we go to sleep, I got you something."

    I put the blind fold over his eyes, and walked him to my room.

Reita's P.O.V

    She walked me to a room. Once she undid the blindfold, I couldn't believe my eyes!

    "(Y/N)! You really didn't have to get me this. My name is engraved into it too! It must've cost a fortune!"

    "Well, I mean...." I interrupted her sentence with a kiss. I kissed her soft lips passionately. I heard her moan a little in the kiss. I thought it was pretty cute. I broke the kiss. She looked at me with those beautiful (E/C) eyes.

    " I always liked you (Y/N). When we first met, all my troubles went away with your goofy, and bubbly attitude. Will be my girlfriend (Y/N) & some day Wife?"

    She looked at me a smiled. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and hugged me tightly. "Yes, Of course! I always liked you too Reita!" She said. We went back into the living room, and snuggled will watching a movie

    " Does this mean tonight I can sleep in your room instead of the guest room?"

    "Yes Reita, You can." She giggled, but a few minutes later she fell asleep. I laughed at how fast she fell asleep. I carried her bridal style to "our" room, and placed her softly on the bed. I got under the covers with her, and turned her lamp off. I cuddled with her, and soon fell asleep.


I know, I know. Author notes -_- I just wanted to say that, this was pretty short, and I will try to update frequently, but I homeschooled, and work gets stacked up on me, and also, im working on fan arts, and stuff. Hope you guys liked this story though.

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