Kai X Reader (The Gazette)

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Kai X Reader (The Gazette) [Lemon]

(Y/N) P.O.V

"Kai!! I'm so bored." I screamed out. Kai was laying bed with me, reading one of his stories. He's always reading at night. But this time, I want to do something else tonight. Maybe have a little fun with him, if I can just get him to put this damn book down. However, he looked up from his books, and saw the desperation in my eyes. But he just went back to reading his book.

"Kai," I pouted. "Let's do something. Your always reading," I said as I was shaking his body back in forth with both of my hands. Kai didn't even bother to look up at me this time, but he finally spoke to me. "Reading helps the mind, body, and soul. It relaxes you, and takes you on a trip to somewhere you have never been before, but want to go to. You should read more (Y/N)." I rolled my eyes at his 'inspirational' statement.

"Yeah, Yeah. I do read ! I read with you everyday ! However, your so into your stories, that you never even notice me reading you idiot!"

"Reading fanfictions isn't reading 'good' books."

"Yes it is Kai," I playfully hit my boyfriend. "Fanfictions can relax me the same way a book can. They also take me to places that I've never been before. Now I want to take you to place you never been before," I said the last part more seductively.

Kai had grabbed his bookmark from the side of his dresser, and put in his book. He shut the book slowly, and put it down on top of his dresser. I smirked as I watched him. I'd finally gotten his attention.

I had gotten on my knees in front of Kai, and started to lick my lips. I sat on Kai's waist, one leg on each side of his body. I slowly ran my hands up my shirt, biting my lip as I did so. Kai tried to touch, but I slapped his hand out of the way. "No touching! You've been a bad, bad boy today Kai." I moved his arms above his head, making sure he isn't able to touch me in anyway.

I slowly slid my shirt up my stomach, but then I brought it back down. I leaned forward, and gently kissed Kai's soft lips. He pulled me deeper into the kiss, moving his hands down to my waist. I allowed him to touch this time. For now at least. Kai then bit my lips gently, and I opened my lips slightly, allowing enough room for his tongue to slip in.

His tongue explored my wet cavern. He was making sure he didn't miss a spot either. The kiss was becoming heated the longer it when on. Our bodies started to become hot. Both of us desperate for more. However, Kai is still on punishment with me, so i won't allow him to go further.

I pulled away from the kiss to get air. Both of us was panting for hair. I started to feel something poke my thighs. But I knew what it was. Kai was defiantly becoming more and more desperate. I smirked, and started to tease him even more. I bounced lightly, slowly grinding my hips on his penis. He shuttered at my sudden movement.

I stripped Kai of his shirt, exposing his flat, and toned stomach. I kept grinding my hips on his penis, while I would leave my mark on his chest. Kai bruised easily, making the love marks I left more visible on his pale chest. Kai tried removing my shirt, but the I pulled away form his chest.

"Your still on punishment baby. I can't let you do that just yet. You need to earn it," I spoke softly into his ear. His hands snaked around my waist, making me grind my hips harder onto his cock. "What do I have to do then baby," He whispered in a deep voice. That just made me go crazy for him. "You already earned it," I responded back in his ear.

I sat up, and slowly stripped off the loose fabric on my body. Kai had started to become more desperate now that my lacy, red bra was exposed, pushing my boobs together to create cleavage. This was all for him, and he knew it. But, he needed to earn it, if he wanted to see any boobs tonight.

My hands travelled around his chest, and stomach. My fingers brushing up against the love marks on his chest. Kai just watched the movements of my hands rub up against his skin. His skin was so soft, and delicate. It's like you have to be very careful with him. However, the marks on his body show that  I wasn't being as careful.

All of a sudden, Kai lifted me up. He flipped us over. Now his body hovered over my tiny frame. A rush of adrenaline went through my body at his sudden movements. My eyes were wide, while my hands were now above my head. " Now look who's under control," Kai said with a hint of confidence in his voice. He did a quick smirk, then smashed his lips against mine.

Kai wasted no time, and slipped his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues swirled around each others, both wanting dominance over the other. But Kai wanted it more then me. He pushed himself up against me to deepen our kiss more, throwing me off guard. Now it was just his tongue exploring the inside of my mouth.

During our make out session, Kai had rubbed his hands on breast. He stuck his hand inside my bra, grasping my right breast in his hand. Because he was a drummer, he was very skilled with his hands. He started to caress my nipple, causing me to moan out in pleasure. "Mhmm. . .K-Kai."

He pulled away from the kiss, clearly to get some air. Our swollen lips needed a break from all of the kissing we had been doing. Kai undid the claps on the back of my bra, and stripped me off the item. He discarded the bra somewhere else in our bedroom. He then grabbed both of my breasts with his strong hands, and started to show attention to both of them.

He would rub them first, then start caressing my nipple, my most sensitive part. Loud moans were being heard throughout our house as Kai would continue his actions. Then he did something I didn't think he would do. He started to swirl his tongue around my left breast, and caress the other with his hands. "K-Kai. . .P-please~" I moaned out loudly. He smirked, and removed his moth from my breast, and did the same thing to the other.

Once Kai was finished, he pulled back, and got on his knees. He undid his pajama pants, and took them off. I sat up, and got onto my knees. My face right in front of Kai's cock. My fingers went around the elastic part of his boxers, and I slowly pulled them down. Then Kai's cock was revealed.

Kai's cock never failed to amaze me. It was so big, and I always wondered how I was able to suck all of it. I put my small hands around the base of his cock, and started to gently rub him.  then put my mouth just around the tip of it. Kai's head swung back, meaning he was liking what I did.

I swirled my tongue around his tip, causing him to twitch a bit. My removed one of my hands, and started to take in more of his length, I slowly bobbed my head up, and down. His cock was hitting the back of my throat. I was only half way down ! Kai then gently put his hands on the back of my head, and started to push me further down on his cock. Luckily, I have no gag reflexes, so I allowed him to guide me.

His hand was making my head bob up, and down on his cock at a faster pace. I took in as much as I can, before he started moving at a much faster pace. His deep, small moans was echoing through our bedroom. Kai started to move my head faster this time, his moans becoming louder.

"I-I'm going to. . " Before he could finish his sentence his load exploded in my mouth. I pulled back, and swallowed as much of it as I could. Kai smirked, and rubbed my head. "Good girl," he said to me. I wipe my mouth, and get up off the bed to clean myself up.

"Where are you going?" Kai had looked at me confused. "To the bathroom to clean myself up."

"But why?" He sounded like a child wanting more of something. "Because I'm done for the night." Kai looked like he wanted to just pull me back from the bathroom, and devour me. But he didn't. "B-but, I wanted to do more."

"Your still on punishment with me Kai. Your lucky I let you cum," I said in a teasing tone. I winked at him, and went into our bathroom to clean up.


Next day later


Kai's P.O.V

"Kai, why are you late today? You're the leader, you're not supposed to be late," Ruki had spoke to me. "Sorry guys, I had some business to finish up with my wife."   

"Business?" Aoi raised an eyebrow at me. I smiled, and went to my drum set. "All right, let's start!" I said with excitement in my voice. Lucky they didn't know that I wanted to finish hat we started last night with my wife.

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