Sold To Exo's Kai by natellabuns
Sold To Exo's Kaiby 사랑
Park Nari, a girl who loses everything and becomes homeless, gets "help" from a stranger. "Wait! I can help you get off the streets!" "You can...
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Stuck With Him: Kai Parker by SleepMindWriter
Stuck With Him: Kai Parkerby g e o r g i a
[Highest Rank #245 Fanfiction 23/11/16] I scoffed, kicking his shin and he kicked me back harder. "Can you even die here?" I asked, he shook his head and I nod...
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Claimed [Kai Exo] by crave_my_thoughts
Claimed [Kai Exo]by ❁
Moving to a foreign country is frightening, let alone attending one of their most successful schools. But what's even scarier, is when you've been claimed.
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Sweety, I'm A Monster [COMPLETE] by JiminInfiresMe1209
Sweety, I'm A Monster [COMPLETE]by Rose
21+ MATURE Warnings: Language, Scenes of terror, blood, Sex EDITING IN PROCESS 19 year old Mae Lin wakes up in a large Victorian style mansion. She has no memory before...
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EXO Imagines by baek48hyun
EXO Imaginesby 강선윤
feel free to comment anything, vote, or follow me :) Started: Sept 20,2015
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Oppas' Sex Slave (EXO FANFIC) by MonkeyBabyZhen
Oppas' Sex Slave (EXO FANFIC)by QuoZhen
Young foreign exchange student, Elaine, from the States takes a gamble and decides to start college in South Korea, but she can't no longer afford school and worst, some...
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[Kai•EXO] Wrong by jacksons-love
[Kai•EXO] Wrongby Min
Kai is your best friend's boyfriend, and yet you can't help but have feelings for him even though it's wrong. "I don't care anymore. All I want is you." EXO Ka...
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The Descendant's Tamer by mysehuniverse
The Descendant's Tamerby .bea.
Lynx Reinhardt is a normal human being... Or so she tried to convince herself.
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OCEANITE by renitanozaria
OCEANITEby Renita Nozaria
"Kasih tau gue, gimana caranya supaya gue nggak lagi jadi orang asing?" "Nggak ada. Selama saya nggak mencatat nama kamu di buku catatan saya, kamu itu or...
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Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios by NinjagoNinjaLover
Ninjago Boyfriend Scenariosby NinjagoNinjaLover
Ninjago boyfriend scenarios. You're the hot ninjas girlfriends!! Requests open! If you request it, you get a shout out! I'll try to update it as much as possible. But pl...
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IMAGINES // EXO 10TH MEMBER by smile671
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✓ dirty dancing|park jimin by jimindigo
✓ dirty dancing|park jiminby ivy
But before our tongues could touch Jungkook's body was ripped away from me and a new set of lips were on top of mine. Jimin's kiss was fierce and strong. He squeezed my...
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/ CRUSH / by Lyla_194
"ညီက ကိုႀကီးကို အရမ္းခ်စ္တာဗ်!" ✨SEKAI ✨
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Shooting Star · EXO Fanfiction by Dnakillsme99
Shooting Star · EXO Fanfictionby Totoro
Where in a girl just wishes for happiness from a shooting star Please don't plagiarize this book, I really worked hard for every chapter Highest Ranking: #294 in Fanfic...
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EXO's Star | Her journey continues by kanyounghee
EXO's Star | Her journey continuesby 칸영 희
*BOOK 2* It's the 2017, and Star's year is totally packed with schedules, dates, tours and her second year debut anniversary. Once again, take a look into Kim Eunji- als...
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The Butterfly Effect ❧ Lloyd Garmadon X Reader by samseaa
The Butterfly Effect ❧ Lloyd Garma...by 💛🖤🌼🖤💛
Some love stories don't start out with lingering stares and flirting. Some love stories start out with the girl hitting the guy on the head with a skateboard. #460 in f...
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REALLY by JenLisaYeogi
"If you really love me, tell me. That you can't go out a day without me, that you want me so much, that you obsess over me." Song Tracks for the Story: It's yo...
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Instagram[J.Jk]*BOOK 1* by OhMaiJamz_1147
Instagram[J.Jk]*BOOK 1*by G-chu👯
JeonJungkook_97 started following Im_Y/n17 JeonJungkook_97 liked Im_Y/n17's photo JeonJungkook_97 commented on Im_Y/n17's photo Let's get to know Jungkook and Y/n's life...
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EXO x Male Reader Smuts by loyalminseokstan
EXO x Male Reader Smutsby exosalt
A collection of exo smut oneshot imagines for male readers, you will be a bottom and a top (I'm more of a top myself). Requests are always open, so comment or message me...
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Dark Light//SeKai by whitepearlll
Dark Light//SeKaiby S⚫J.Z⚫K
" Önceden kim olduğumu öğrenseydin beni yine sever miydin?" Sehun bunu aşık olduğu adama sorarken içinden parçalarca acı'nın gözyaşlarıyla akıp gittiğini hiss...
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