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Aoi X Reader [Fluff]

*Everytime I write about him, it has something to do with video games. Me and my video game obsessions need to chill out. Anywhore, enjoy !*

(Y/N) P.O.V

"Ha, I won again Aoi ! You owe me Ice cream." I jumped on our couch, and pointed at him like a child. We'd been playing call of duty for hours now, and I would beat him every single time. However, he will never admit defeat. He's one of the best 'male' players in the country. However, I'm the best PLAYER all around. Out of all the males, and females, I'm number one! I make a living from it too ! Championship tournaments give out huge sums of cash !

"I will not be defeated by you again (Y/N)," Aoi said to me. he sounded determined that he was going to beat me. "Ha, never in a million years my love~ ," I cooed at him. He puffed his cheeks out like a child, and started a new match. "One more time. If I lose, I'll get your ice cream." My eyes sparkled in delight at the word ice cream. Ice cream is my soulmate. Well, Aoi is, but Ice cream is a close second.

I gripped my controller as tight as I could. Determination running though my blood stream, and to my finger tips. I was sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for the count down to be over with. I'm going to kick his ass, whether he likes it or not. I will win my ice cream ! Aoi will never beat me, (Y/N), ever !

The countdown had ended, and we started running around the city looking for each other. I hid up in a roof top where I knew he wouldn't find me. I choose my sniper gun, and started to look out for him running around the area. I waited patiently, and I saw him. I didn't want to risk using my laser, and him finding me. So with my luck, I shot.

"Headshot! Instant kill !" I jumped up, and yelled out loud. Aoi sighed very heavily, and was respawned. This time I left my little hiding spot, and decided to go in the building he was at. I waited for him to come out of the office, and I shot at him with my machine gun. "Ha, got you again!" I shouted at him.

The game had gone on for another 30 minutes. It started to get boring after awhile. The entire game I was getting headshots, instant kills, and sneaking behind him. Luckily time was up, and the game had declared it ended. We knew I won. We really didn't have to wait for the results to show up. However I like to stroke my ego, and look at the kills. The results showed up, and Aoi slumped in the couch.

"Geez, 89 kills for me. 2 for you. I feel bad now." I looked around the room, trying not to laugh. "Well babe, your still the best to other people." I kissed his forehead gently. " Now ice cream!" I shouted, and grabbed Aoi's arms. "Fine, Fine. Let me get my keys." He got up from the couch, and went to our bedroom to get the keys. I immediately headed towards the door, and slipped on my boots.

My outfit was pretty bummy today. I wore one of Aoi's black hoodies with my pajama shorts. My hair was tied up in a bun, and the hoodie covered the mess on my head. However all my tattoos on my legs distracted from the bummy look, so I wasn't too much worried. Plus, I don't need the attention when I get  Aoi's attention 24/7

"Ready," he walked out the room with his keys in his hand. "Of course I am love. Now let's go get Ice cream." I unlocked the locks, and opened the door widely. Aoi followed me out the door, and locked our door. He started walking to the car, while skipped to the car. "Aoi~ Skip to the car with me." He looked at me like i said something crazy. "I like watching you do it. You can skip to the car." I pouted, and went to the car.

Aoi opened the passenger door for me, and closed it for me when I was in the car. He got in the drivers side, and started up the car. "Aoi, such a gentlemen ~," I cooed. His face turned a bright red. "I have to be for you. It's my job," he said. A big smile plastered on my face, and I kissed his cheek. "I love you Aoi~, I said in my childish voice. He came over, and kissed my lips gently. "I love you too my angel." He tapped my nose making my face turn red.

While he was driving, he was holding my hand tightly. It was like he never wanted to let go of me. It's good to feel so secure with someone. It's such an amazing feeling, I can't really describe it. All I know is, it's love I feel for him. And I know he feels love for me too. Even though we fight over video games like children, that's what makes us a strong couple. What grown adults fight over video games ? Just us that's who.

We arrived at the ice cream store, and I jumped out of the car. Joy filled my eyes when I saw the sign. "Ahh~ Aoi ! My favorite place."

"Well yeah, you beat me in the game. And I promised ice cream. The best of the best too."

Aoi had opened the door for me, allowing me to walk in first. I went to counter, and looked at all the ice cream flavors. I felt like I was in heaven ! Aoi walked up next to me, and wrapped his arm around my waist. "So, what kind are you getting?" he had asked me. I looked at all the ice cream flavors before I decided.

The lady had came from the back, and put on some gloves. "What kind of ice cream would you two be having ? We are having a couple special," she spoke to us. Aoi looked up at her, and tilted his head. "A couple special," he questioned. "Yeah, we give you a bowl and you get to choose your favorite flavors. We give you only one spoon, and you share. It's so cute," she squealed. This chick reminded me of myself. I like her.

"Then we could do that. Does that sound okay babe?" Aoi nudged me a bit. "Of course love~ It seems romantic," I cooed the last part. Aoi smiled, and nodded his head at the lady. "Okay then, we'll take 2 scoops of chocolate, and. . ." Aoi looked at me for my flavor. "And," I continued his sentence, " 2 scoops off (Favorite ice cream)," i smiled at the lady. She put 2 chocolate scoops in, and two (favorite ice cream) in the bowl. She handed us the bowl, and Aoi paid. "Enjoy !" SHe said waving at us. Me, and Aoi walked out the door, and sat outside with our ice cream.

The breeze out side would occasionally blow in our direction. Aoi had gotten us the one spoon needed for us. I watched as he took a bite of his chocolate ice cream. "Forever the best place for ice cream~," he said with a mouth full of ice cream. "Yes it is. That's why I come here after game tournaments." I gave Aoi a closed eye smile. He took a spoon full of (Favorite ice cream), and spoon fed it to me. "Open wide~." I opened my mouth, and a huge chunk of ice cream started to melt in my mouth.

"I love it so much !" My mouth was watering for more. Aoi, and I continued eating our ice cream, and talking to each other. I took my last bite of ice cream before we ate it all. Aoi sat the bowl and spoon aside on the table. He looked at me, and smiled. "Gosh your so beautiful. All your wearing is my hoodie, and shorts and you still make me fall in love with you again," Aoi had said softly. He brushed a loose piece of my messy hair behind my ear.

"Your words never fail to amaze me Aoi. I love you so much, and I don't want you to ever leave me, okay?" I went over to him, and sat down in his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and nuzzled my face into his chest. He wrapped his arm around my waist, and the other one cupped my cheek. "I promise I won't leave you (Y/N). For now on, you can come with me on tours, and participate in your gaming tournament in the city we go to." I looked up at him, eyes sparkling.

"Seriously~ I can do all the tournaments?" He gave me a big smile, and kissed my lips softly. "Of course my love~ I'll pay for them, and you always win them, so we get more money back then what we spent." I hugged him as tight as possible. I didn't want to let him go. He mad me smile, laugh, and my eyes always sparkled around him.

"I love making your day (Y/N). Your smile is always a ray of sunshine." I giggled, and kissed his cheek. "And I love making your day, superstar."


A/N: Hello, and Goodbye (hehe)

No seriously, I want to write a Ruki x Reita with them being gamers, and shit like that. Just a story by itself. Idk yet though.

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