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(Y/N) P.O.V

I have been a photographer for a very long time, but today is something special. I get to photograph someone for the newest addition of our magazine company. I'm not sure who it is going to be, but I know he is in a band. I think his name was Natsuki. The boss of the magazine company asked me to photograph him, since he thinks I could do a better job than anyone else at the company. I can't let the boss down, so I need to work my hardest on this.

Before Natsuki gets here, I need to set up everything for his photoshoot. I made sure the makeup artist knew exactly what they were doing, and the hairstylist. The boss gave me the theme of the photoshoot, which was color. I could do whatever I wanted, as long as it showed color. I sat down in my chair, and started to think about all the possibilities. I could do a bunch of things with color. But I need one that is going to stand out. Something different.

I stood up form my chair, and started to head towards where the photoshoot was going to be. I had gotten a good idea, but I need to make sure everything is set up in advance. I set up my camera, and lights. I wanted just a plain white background, and I needed to get some paint. Before I do that, I need to stop by the dressing room, and let the fashion designers know exactly what I wanted him in.

I ran towards the dressing room, and knocked on the door. I heard the door open, and saw the lead fashion designer open the door.

"Is there something you needed (Y/N)?"

"Yes. I want Natsuki dressed in all white. No color. All white." I didn't even wait for a reply, I ran out the door of the studio, and got into my car. I was running around like crazy. But I have to hurry. Natsuki is going to be here in an hour, but I still have more time. He still has to get hair, and makeup done. That should take about two hours. I should have time to run to the store.

I walked into the store, and immediately went towards the section with paints. I got 2 jars of red paint, and 2 jars of blue paint. I also needed to get a bucket, so I got that on my way to the register. The guy at the register scanned my items, and I paid for everything. I got my receipt from him, and rushed out of the store.

I got back into my car, and put the bags in the backseat. I let out a breath, and started my car. Luckily, I finished in time. By the time I get back to the studio, Natsuki should be getting his makeup done.

I got back to the studio, and put the paints near my camera. I also filled the  bucket up with some water. Now, everything is set up. I took a few test shots to make sure the lighting was okay, and my camera was set up correctly. Everything seemed in place, so now I need to go meet this Natsuki guy.

I walked backstage, and knocked on the door to the makeup room. I heard the makeup artist say, 'come in'. I opened the door slowly, and there he was. Natsuki was siting in the makeup chair getting his makeup done. I went over to him, and observed the makeup.

"That looks nice." I told the makeup artist. She nodded, and continued her work. Natsuki opened his eyes, and saw me observing his makeup. "Hello." I spoke to him. "I am your photographer for the day. Nice to meet you." I put my hand out for him to shake, and he shook my hand. "Hello. Can I get your name?" He asked me. "My name is (Y/N)." I responded. He smiled, and let go of my hand.

"Well, I'm going to be in studio B. Just meet me in there when you are finished." I told Natsuki. He nodded his head in response, and I walked out of the room. He was absolutely stunning. Like, I'm surprised I could keep myself together. His smile was just perfect, and his hands were so soft. But this is a professional work setting. I need to keep myself together. I also have to photograph him, so I can't be distracted.

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