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*WARNING* THIS IS A LEMON! IF YOU DON'T LIKE LEMON, DON'T WORRY, IM WORKING ON ANOTHER PART FOR YOU TO READ SO YOU CAN CONTINUE THE STORY. Btw, This is my first lemon I ever wrote. So, it might not be as good, as most lemons on here, but enjoy!

(Y/N) P.O.V

Me, and Tsuzuku have been dating for 6 months now. We've went on plenty of dates together, and he treats me right. Today is our 6 month anniversary, and he took me to a fancy restaurant on the other side of town. We ordered our food quickly because I have something planned at when we get back to our house.

{ Time skip brought to you by Tzu split tongue }

We walked in through the door, and I run to the bathroom to change into my black lacey bra, and matching panties. I put on a white t-shirt, and walked out the bathroom. When I walked to the bed, I saw Tsu only in boxers, and a tank top.

" I already know what you had planned for me when we got home. I could tell during dinner. You kept giving me a very seductive face, and you kept your legs crossed the whole time." Tsu said while slowly walking up to you, and pinning you against wall, whispering the last part in your ear.

" Ummm..I-I didn't know you could te-" He cut you off by kissing you, and running his hand up your thigh slowly.

He began to kiss you more seductively, and he bit your bottom lip softly making you open your mouth a little. He stuck his tongue in your mouth, and began to swirl around his tongue with yours. He had a split tongue, so he would only move one side of his tongue at a time.

He parted away, and began to kiss your neck, and chest. His hands were grabbing your butt, squeezing it very softly, and rubbing it.

" Brb, I've got to get something. In the mean while you get on the bed, and wait for me" Tsu said in your ear, as he began to walk away.

You did as he said, and laid down on the bed. You wanted more him NOW! As you were waiting, your body craved more of him, and you started to slowly bite your lip to hold back the lust. He entered the room with a black bag, and sat it down next to the bed.

" Tsu, what's in the bag?" You asked him, being very impatient.

" Some stuff we are gonna use tonight" He responded

"I didn't know you was into that Tsu?"

He began to handcuff your hands above your head, not saying another word. All he did was smirk, and began to tease you a bit. He moved his hands down towards you womanhood, and slowly started rubbing it gently.

You began to moan softly. He liked hearing you moan, so he started to lick, and suck your neck.

" Do you like this shirt (Y/N)?" He had asked you.

" Its just a shirt I sleep in Tsu" You responded

" Good." He took the scissors, and cut the shirt in half, and he smirked. He unhooked your bra, and began to suck on your breast. He was massaging on side of your breast, and sucking on the other.

Using only side of his tongue, he began to lick around your nipple, causing you to moan his name out loud. "T-tsu" You moaned out. He began to stop, and switched to the other breast, licking, and sucking on the other one.

He began to remove your panties, and licked his lips seductively.

"Mmmm, this was the meal I was waiting for tonight, and your all wet, just how I like it" Tzu said, making you blush.

He began to suck on your clit, causing you to moan his name out loud. You could've swore the neighbors heard you upstairs. He started to swirl one side of his tongue on your clit, and the other was alternating. You could feel your climax near.

T-t-Tsu, I'm g-g-gonna..." Before you could finish you hit your climax. He then began to pull his boxers down, and you saw his member. 'Its HUGE!' you had thought to yourself. You sat up using your elbows to push you up.

" Its my turn to pleasure you now. Now undo these hand cuffs." You had told Tsu.

He undid the handcuffs, and you began to stroke your hand up, and down his member. You teased him a bit, and licked the tip very slowly with your tongue. You can see him trying to hold back his moans, as he was shutting his eyes close. You began to move further down his member, and start sucking it. He used his hand to bob your head up, and down until he had released.

He laid you back down on the bed, and began to spread your legs.

"I know this is your first time, so I will go easy on you this time." He began to slowly enter his member into you. You felt a pain, and began to tense up. He gave you some time to adjust, and slowly started to get faster as you adjusted to it.

He was going fast, and you can feel yourself about to climax. Before you could say anything, you climaxed, and he kept going. Not for long, until he pulled out and released his seed on your stomach. He rolled over on the bed, and you cleaned yourself up.

" So, how was it?" Tsu asked you has you got back in bed.

"Fantastic. Let's do this more often" You had said to him

You guys heard banging coming from upstairs, and you could hear your neighbor screaming from the top floor.

"Next time, be more quitter." The lady had said. You, and Tzu laughed before he cuddle you in his arms, and went to sleep. After a few minutes of thinking about what happened, you had fell asleep too.

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