Keisuke X Reader (Deviloof)

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♥Valentine's Day Special♥

(This story contains sexual acts, and lots of kinky stuff. So, if you aren't into that. Please refrain from reading this story. Just continue onto the next chapter)

(Y/N) P.O.V

It's Valentine's day, yet Keisuke has been ignoring me this entire evening. We were supposed to have a nice dinner between the two of us. But he isn't even putting in any effort to make my valentine's day special. But he has been going through a lot lately. Like the guitarist of his band left, his stalker fans have been harassing him, and he has to do a live show soon. But I though this would be the one day he decided to loosen up a bit, I guess I was wrong.

All night long, I have been trying to get Keisuke's attention. I snatched his phone from his hands, I would bend down to pick up the spoon I 'dropped', I would sexy walk to the bathroom, and I even flirted with the waiter. But none of the tricks I did seemed to phase him. This was officially the worse Valentine's day ever.

Once dinner was over, Keisuke paid for our food and we left the restaurant.  I was very upset with him, and I couldn't even look at him, while he drove us back to his apartment. I have never been so upset with Keisuke. He is always shy, and never talks that often, but he always acknowledges my existence, and doesn't ignore me all day, like he did today.

Once we got to his apartment, and I immediately got out of the car, and headed straight to his apartment door. I waited for him to come, and unlock the door. When was unlocking the door, he had a black bag in his hand. I tried to look in it, but he snatched it away before I can look. He opened the door, and I ran straight into his bedroom.

Keisuke followed me in the bedroom, and shut the door. I sat down on the bed, and he put the black bag down on the dresser. "Close your eyes," he stated. "Wow you finally talk to me Keisuke," I retorted. He sighed loudly, and looked over in my direction. "Please close your eyes." I rolled my eyes, and did what he said.

I felt a cloth go over my eyes, making me question what he was doing. "Keisuke?" He didn't say anything, instead he put something around my neck. It felt like a collar of some sort. I was about to touch it, until he stripped me of my shirt, revealing my black lace bra. "Keisuke," I questioned him again. "Shh...Please be silent," he said to me. I closed my mouth, not saying another word.

Keisuke than put handcuffs on my wrists, making me not able to do anything. He turned me over on my stomach, and took of my black skirt, showing my black panties. He pulled down my panties, and put me across his lap. By now, I knew what he was doing. I now know what was in that black bag of his.

He than spanked my behind causing me to moan out in pleasure, and pain. "You've been such a bad girl today," he said in my ear, biting down slightly on my ear. His hand then came down across my butt again. "I saw you flirting with the waiter." He spanked me again, causing me to moan out loudly. "I didn't like seeing that. So your punishment is 4 spankings." He than slapped my butt again, making me bite down on my lip. "1"

Then he slaps my butt again, making me jerk my butt up in the air for more. "2," he says in a deep voice. He than spanks me again, but a little harder this time, making me quiver just a bit. "3," he says out loud. Then he puts his down, slapping my butt very hard this time. "4." He picks me up, then throws me down on his bed.

I can't see anything he's doing, but I hear him going through a bag. I'm guessing his black bag. I then feel weight on the bed, meaning his on the bed. He flips me over onto my stomach, and lips my butt up in the air Exposed to his eyes only. I hear a bottle open, and close. Then, I felt something cold going inside my anus.

It was medium sized, and cold. It felt like a vibrator. Once it couldn't go any farther, he left it in there. "I gave you a nice little tail. You can't be my naughty kitten without the tail, now can you," he whispered in a sadistic tone, sending chills up my spine.

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