Luvia X Reader (Canival)

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Luvia X Reader

(Y/N)'s P.O.V

I sat here in the classroom full of students. I haven't slept in days, I feel sleep deprived. What is food anymore ? Haven't had it in days. Maybe it's because of this weird feeling I've been getting constantly. This feeling that one of my classmates isn't necessarily human. Sounds crazy, even when I think about it. But, I've been seeing a certain classmate in my dreams, just in a different version of him.

I'm so afraid of what it's doing to me that I just decided to avoid sleep all together. Avoiding sleep meant loss of hunger for me. Which makes me feel even worse. But I just can't go back to sleep. I see him. And it disturbs me. I just get this weird vibe from him. A vibe like he's evil or something. I don't know how I should explain this, but I know it's strange.

The bell in school had ringed, indicating class was over. I didn't even listen to the lecture today, my thoughts were so scrambled. But I guess it can't be helped then.

I picked up my stuff, and walked out of the classroom. It's now lunch time, which I usually skip out on. Instead, I go to the school's rooftop, and chill out there. I 'try' to clear my thoughts there, but it never really works.

While all the students turned left when leaving the classroom, I turned right, heading to the stairway. I wasn't paying attention, since no one walks this way, and I fell right onto someone. I looked down and I see it's the kid from my dreams. Except he looked different then what he looks like in my dreams.

He had purple hair that was pulled over to the side in curls, while some of it was in a straight ponytail. He had multiple lip rings in his lip, and an eyebrow piercing. His ears was heavily pierced, and gauged. He was wearing plaid pants, a white shirt, and the school's blazer. He also wore heavy eye makeup with blacks, and purples. And you can tell he had in some hazel contacts.

After analyzing him for a few seconds, I jumped off him as quick as I could, and started to run towards the stairwell in school I felt his gaze watch me, and I could've swore he smirked at me when he saw me. What's even more strange is that I felt this evil aurora around him. I noticed nobody hangs with him, so I'm guessing it's not just me.

I had finally reached the rooftop of the school and I looked over the edge of the building. Everyone looks so happy, and calm. They all have friends to talk to, things to do on the weekends, and their sanity. However, I just have no one to talk to, nothing to do on the weekends and I'm questioning if a sanity still exists for me. Who knows in this confusing world ?

I inhaled the polluted air, and exhaled. Such a world we live in. Not. This world is just dirty, and it's filled with hate, violence, greedy people, selfishness, scammers, fakes, and much more. I wish I could just neglect this world, and leave for good. If there really is an afterlife, I hope it's not as terrible as this world.


Nighttime had come along quickly for me. That is because I got home, took a shower, put on pajamas, and read some books. Reading does make the time pass very quickly, which can be good and bad, depending on your situation that is.

I got up out my bed, and turned off the lights. I slipped into my bed, and gotten under the duvet covers. I stared at the ceiling, mind wondering like normal. But I felt something in my room. Something was really bugging me, and I was terrified to look over  my shoulder. Maybe there is something waiting for me.

I take in a deep breath, and look over my shoulder. Nothing. Just a pitch, black room that looks like the void. I exhaled deeply, and rolled over. But then I saw him. In my bed, laying down next to me. "Missed me," it spoke. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't My eyes winded, and I tried to move, but I was glued into this position.

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