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(Y/N) P.O.V

Mahiro, and I are supposed to go on a date today. It wasn't anything special today, but he just wanted to take me out, and show me off to the world. But I didn't want to be shown off to the world. I didn't want anyone to see me today. I've gained weight since we been together. I gained 10 pounds from eating sugary foods, and sweets everyday. I tried dieting, but I always end up eating a box of chocolate on the couch watching horror movies.

To make my situation worse, I also got a pimple on the side of my face that hasn't gone away yet. I tried every single home-remedy there is. I tried toothpaste, proactive, and lemon. I wash my face everyday, so I don't know why it's still here.

I was looking the mirror at myself. 'I look terrible', I thought to myself. I tried putting on one of my favorite dresses. It was black, with crystals at the top, and the bottom flowed out like a skirt. It was also strapless, and the top looked like a corset a bit. But now that I've gained weight, it shows more of the fat I've gained than anything else. It also made the pimple stand out too. I threw the dress onto the ground, and went back into my closet. The only thing that fits me anymore is my hoodies, and sweatpants. I put those on, and locked the door to our room.

Mahiro was out in the living room waiting for me to 'get ready', but I'm not leaving this room, unless I can magically lose a couple pounds, and get rid of his disgusting thing on my face. I hope he doesn't think I'm leaving my house looking like this either.

I laid down in our bed, and turned on the TV, since that's the only physical activity I'm capable of doing anymore. I was channel surfing trying to find something good to watch on TV, but there hardly isn't anything good to watch. I got up from the bed, and picked out a movie from our movie shelf. I usually enjoy horror movies, so I picked out 'The ring', and put it into our DVD player. I waited patiently until the play screen popped up, and I clicked play.

About 30 minutes has past, since I turned on the movie. I was so into what was going on that when I heard the knock on the door, I almost threw the remote across the room.

"Babe, are you okay?" It was Mahiro. I calmed myself down before I replied back to him.

"I'm....fine. I just don't want to go anywhere."

"Why baby?" 'Should I really tell him? I mean it's pretty obvious I've gained weight, and have a giant pimple on my face, so he should already know.

"You should already notice. It's pretty obvious by now." I rolled my eyes, and walked to wards the door. I still don't plan on opening the door.

"No I don't please open the door for me," he said. I stayed quiet, not wanting to answered him. He kept trying to open the door, but I didn't even make an attempt to open the door. I just sat in the corner by the door, hugging my knees to my chest. "Baby...please open up. Why won't you go out with me?"

"BECAUSE, IM UGLY. DON'T YOU GET IT. People are going to stare at me, and judge me. I look fat in anything I wear and--" I couldn't continue. My voice cracked, and tears started streaming from my eyes. "J-Just, leave me in here...a-alone"

"I'm not going to do that. You are beautiful to me, that's all that matters. So what you gained a few pounds. That's know one's business. I love you, and that's all that matters. I didn't even notice you gained a few pounds." I started to cry even more at his words. I know he loves me, but I'm scared what others are going to say. Especially about this pimple on my face.

"Babe. Please at least open the door." I can hear his voice starting to crack, and It made me feel like a terrible person inside. I stood up, and put the hood over my head to cover my blood-shot colored eyes, tear stained face, and pimple on my face. I unlocked the door, and slightly opened it. He pushed the door open enough to were he could come in, and he hugged me as tightly as possible.

I started to slide down on the wall, and still didn't let me go. We were now on the floor, and he was cuddling me close to him. I smiled, and hugged him back. He looked up at me, and took the hood off of my head. I stopped smiling, and looked down at the floor. He turned my face to the side, and started to examine the pimple on my face.

"I'll be right back." He got up, and went out to the living room. I stayed on the floor, not moving an inch. I'm not sure what he was getting ready to do, but I'm not sure if I'm going to like it as much. I waited, until he walked back in. He sat down in front of me, and he was hiding something behind his back.

"What are you hiding from me?" I raised an eyebrow at him. He laughed, and shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm not sure. Let me ask you this though, have you been drinking enough water?"

"Ummm...not really why?" He shook his head, and looked back at me.

"Babe, that's why your breaking out. You are dehydrated. Drink this whole bottle." He handed me the water bottle he had beside him, but what was behind his back? I needed to know.

"Tell me what's behind your back?"

"Drink the water first." I took the water from him, and opened the cap. I started to chug it down as fast as I could. Usually, I can't chug down a whole bottle of water, but I was able to this time. Maybe I was dehydrated. Once I finished, I put the bottle down, and looked at him.

"Okay. I will drink more water, but tell me what's behind your back?" He didn't answer, but he grabbed my face with one hand, and turned it to the side. He was so fast when he moved his hand, that I didn't get a chance to see what was behind his back. I felt a stinging pain come from the pimple, but then it was gone. He wiped my face with a napkin, and turned my face back to him.

"What did you do," I asked him.

"I took a sterilized needle, and popped your pimple. I cleaned it, and put some cream on it. The next day, it should look like nothing was ever there." I smiled, and pulled him into a big hug.

"Thank you, Thank you Thank you. I love you so much." He started to laugh, and hugged me back.

"Your welcome, and I love you too. Now will you stop being self-conscious about your looks?" I pulled back from the hug, and looked at my stomach.

"Well you solved one of my problems, but I still have another problem." he frowned, and picked me up from the floor.

"Babe, who cares? Nobody is going to judge you about your weight. But if you really want me to help you lose weight, I won't buy any sweets, and we will drink water everyday. And we can exercise together." I thought about what he said, and took him up for his offer.

"Okay fine. But I'm still not leaving the house."

"I can't force you to leave, but let's spend our date night finishing up the movie you were watching." I smiled, and kissed his cheek.

"Yayyy. Thank you babe. I love you, and I hope you know that."

"I love you too, now let's get comfortable, and watch this movie."

A/N: I hope this is to your liking. I never wrote a self-conscious reader story before, so this is new to me. I wrote this as fast as I could because I have another story to updat this weekend as well, and I have school (T___T). I can try to update this book again this week, but I cant promise anything.

~Till we meet again~

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