Atsuki X Reader (Pentagon)

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Atsuki x reader

Atsuki's P.O.V

Another day of working on a song. Yutori, Chizuru, Taku, and I were all trying to compose a new song for our next album. Minpha was out with Meto doing something, so he couldn't be here today. It was hard without Minpha here. We already have the drums part, and the vocals. We just needed to get the bass part down, so we can get the guitar part, but without Minpha it's useless.

"Alright, we are just going to have to wait until tomorrow to compose the rest of this." Chizuru sighed, and began to put away his things.

"But we need to get this done by next week." Taku was always stressing. He wanted everything done early.

"We will just work harder tomorrow, and try to finish it, so we can perfect it." I just wanted to go home with my girlfriend. I was tired, and needed to rest.

"Alright see you guys tomorrow." Yutori walked out the door. Of course he was first to leave. He always his. I finished packing everything away, and I left too.

I arrived at the subway just in time for the train. I wasn't gonna be home for another 45 minutes. I sighed, and put in my headphones. I decided to play a song by Mejibray. They compose some good songs, thanks to MiA.

I finally got off the train, and walked out of the subway. It was another 10 minute walk before I could get home. My feet were dragging on the floor, and my arms were tired from playing the drums every 5 minutes to either correct a part, or add a new part. I just wanted to sleep.

"I'm home." I spoke, and took my shoes off before walking completely in the house. I saw my girlfriend (Y/N) passed out on the couch. She must be tired from work. She is always either writing a new book, or filling in orders for her fan art, and books. I picked her up, and put her in the bed, so her back won't be hurting when she wakes up. I laid in bed with her close to me, and fell asleep too.


(Y/N) P.O.V

I woke up in bed. I could've swore I fell asleep on the couch. I tried getting up, but a pair of arms were wrapped around my waist. It was Atsuki. He must've came home early. I tried grabbing my phone, but it wasn't in here. It was in the living room. I didn't want to wake Atsuki up, so I just laid there with him, and waited until he woke up.

After about 30 minutes, he finally woke up. He let me go to stretch his arms, and legs out. He yawned, and looked over at me with a smile on his face.

"Well, I see your up." He kissed me on my forehead, and I blushed lightly. I got up from bed, and went in the living room to get my phone. It was 6:30, so I was sleep for about 3 hours. I checked my e-mails, and all my e-mails were either someone requesting a fan art, and how much they will pay, or it was about someone pre-ordering my book. I sighed, and went over to my desk.

I grabbed my drawing tablet from under the desk, and hooked it up to my computer. I have to draw 5 fan arts by next week. I was getting ready to open up paint tool sai, and Photoshop, when I felt myself being picked up, and thrown over Atsuki's shoulders.

"What are you doing?" I need have work to get done by next week, I can be slaking off.

"We're going bowling. Put on some clothes." He put me down in our room.

"I can't, I have work to do." I tried walking out of the room, but he ran to the door, and shut it.

"Nope. You can work as hard as you want tomorrow. I won't be coming home early tomorrow. So let's do something."

''Fine." I gave in, and decided to get dressed. I wore some plain blue jeans, with a plain black shirt. I felt like I needed a little accessories, so I went to Atsuki's side of the closet, and grabbed his light pink, and white jacket that had cherry blossoms on it, and put it on. I paired it with some white combat boots.

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