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「  Let Me Kill∥Let Me Love。」 by kitamae_nary
「 Let Me Kill∥Let Me Love。」by Kitamae Nary
Yoshiatsu un joven adinerado con extraños fetiches y negocios decide hacer su mayor sueño realidad, bajo amenazas y trucos sucios logra hacer que Tomo un asesino que gus...
  • jrock
  • dadaroma
  • yoshiatsu
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P1nk (Koichi X Reader story) by Minori_oni
P1nk (Koichi X Reader story)by MejizettE?
Koichi X Reader This about (Y/N) who struggles with her life in High school. She only has 2 friends who has stuck with her since. She is always bullied, and teased on by...
  • yoshiatsu
  • jrock
  • reader
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Visual Kei crushes by I_love_cookies51902
Visual Kei crushesby Ruki's_Red_Jacket
#VK #Crushes #Bands
  • vk
  • yoshiatsu
Messiás Orvos by BrokenxRabbit
Messiás Orvosby Rabbit
Meto, egy fiatalkorú, magának való felnőtt, aki Yoshiatsu segítségére szorul. Találkozásuk sem volt mindennapi. Beteg fiúnak nem kellett sok, hogy bekövetkezzen végrend...
  • meto
  • yoshiatsu
  • doctor
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The Making of 「リズリーサーカス」 by Stalker_Clown
The Making of 「リズリーサーカス」by Stalker_Clown
DADAROMA members are shooting the MV for Risley CIrcus. With certain events, one of them starts to be more open about his feelings and wants to start a relationship duri...
  • boyxboy
  • bandmembers
  • love
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*Major Reconstruction* The Demented Circus ( Yoshiatsu X Reader ) by Minori_oni
*Major Reconstruction* The Demente...by MejizettE?
21 year old (Y/N) (L/N) is barley making it out in the real world. She had a terrible past with her father leaving her at age 8, and her mother who expected perfection...
  • ddrm
  • yusuke
  • yoshiastuxreader
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My love belongs to you only by Anime_for_minna
My love belongs to you onlyby Anime_for_minna
A Takashi x Oc fanfiction. The lucky person who will become a pair with Takashi will be Haydie, a close friend of Dadaroma who attends the last year of high school with...
  • yoshiatsu
  • dadaroma
  • takashixoc
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Orgullo y Pasión by Blackrosebvb81
Orgullo y Pasiónby Blackrosegumin
Un leve one shot porque no tengo inspiración en seguir con las que tengo.
  • dadaroma
  • visualkeiband
  • yoshiatsu
Stalker Clown by Stalker_Clown
Stalker Clownby Stalker_Clown
The members of DADAROMA are part of a circus. Shit goes down. Slow, but progressive. I've always shipped these two, they're my #1 ship in vkei even though there's not mu...
  • fanfiction
  • circus
  • yoshiatsu
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