Kai X Raeder (The Gazette)

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Kai X Reader- The photographer

Today was going to be a busy day for me. Since I'm a photographer for the gazette, my entire day is booked for one member only. Kai. Kai was going to be featured in a popular international magazine. He specifically requested me to do the photos, which put pressure on me to have these photos turn out perfect.

I wanted these photos to look so good, I purchased new camera lenses, backgrounds, and I even updated Photoshop on my computer for touch ups, though I usually never really need to do much touch ups, since Kai always looks amazing in every photo I have taken for him.

I've always had a crush on the cute drummer. His dimples would always make me blush, distracting me when I was trying to do something. His smile was so adorable that it would make my heart flutter. Being the leader of the Gazette, he was always having to do photoshoots, and work with me. So we have gotten to know each other quite well.

Currently, I was setting everything up for the photoshoot. The background was going to look like a behind the scenes set of a dressing room. Clothes will be on a rack in the back, and I have a long, tan couch as a prop. I had to set my camera up on a tripod, and take sample photos to make sure the camera setting worked with the set up.

I had gotten word from my assistant that Kai had arrived, and was in the back getting hair, and makeup done. So, I had about an hour to finish set up.

I hooked my laptop up to the camera, and set up studio lights around the area. I wanted the lighting be dim, so not super bright. But I didn't want it to be dark either. So I had turn the lights down, and set the brightness down to medium. My camera's setting had low saturation levels, so the photos could turn out well.

Once my set up was complete, all i had to do now was wait for Kai to finish getting his hair, and makeup done.

I waited for about 15 minutes before I saw Kai walk inside the studio, and holy shit ! I'm not quite sure how I am going to focus with him looking like a snack. He was wearing tan colored pants, black boots, and he didn't have on a shirt. He only had on a blazer, which was open exposing his toned chest. He also had a silver necklace on to accent his chest.

"H-Hi Kai," I stumbled on my words. He smiled at me with that amazing smile of his, showing off his cute dimples. "Hey (Y/N), how do I look," he had asked me. I blushed, staring at his chest. "You look sexy. . .I mean-"

"Ahh I do? Thanks (Y/N), shall we get started," Kai had spoken with that cute voice of his. I cleared my throat, and headed over to my camera. "Umm, yes let's start now then." Kai nodded his head, and went over to the set up, while I was behind my camera. "Alright (Y/N), just tell me what to do, and I'll do it," he winked at me, making my heart beat faster.

"Okay Kai, I want you to set on the floor in front of the couch." Kai nodded his head, doing as I said. "Alright cool, sit up straight, and put your feet flat on the floor. Open your legs a bit, and put your hands between the legs, crossing your hands together," Kai took the direction, then looked up at me for further direction. "Tilt your head to the side, and look down." Once he did that I started snapping as many photos as I can get.

"You're doing great, just hold that position for a few more seconds," I told him, snapping a few more photos before giving him a thumbs up to move. "Alright Kai, now sit on the couch for me." He got up, smiling. "Anything for you," he licked his lips. Kai wasn't acting like his adorable self. He was acting rather sexual.

He sat on the couch, and spread his legs, which gave me a good idea for a photo. "Oh stay like that, but put your right arm down in between your legs. Then bring your other hand up to your mouth, and look to the side. I want your to look like your amused by whatever is on the right side." He nodded his head, and did what I said. I snapped some photos, and downloaded them onto the computer.

"Alright Kai, we can take a break now. There is water on the table, and food. I'll be in the back if you need anything." I stepped away from the camera, and went to the back. Kai followed however, making me wonder what he needed from back here.

"Need anything Kai," I turned around to ask him. However, he pulled me towards a wall, tripping me there with his left arm. I began to blush a bright red, and I looked down to look at the floor. But Kai's bulge was showing a lot in those pants. My eyes widened, and I tried to look away from it. But Kai grabbed my chin with his index finger, biting his lips. "Like what you see," he spoke in a very low voice.

"K-Kai," I stuttered. He had brought his face closer to mine, it was like his eyes were staring into my soul. "Nobody is here right now. Besides, I see the way you look at me during our photoshoot session. Your eyes were devouring me, like you wanted it." He brought his lips onto mine, not even giving me a chance to speak.

I didn't hate it, and I didn't even want to break from the kiss at all. Instead of pushing him off, I wrapped my arms around his neck, embracing the kiss. He wrapped his arms aroud my waist, bringing up my right leg, and placing it around his waist. He did the same with the other, and I was now completely at his control.

He pushed me up against the wall, holding me up. He broke from the kiss, looking into my eyes. I couldn't hold myself back anymore. "Ravish me Kai, I want you. And I know you want me too." Kai smirked, and began to suck on my neck. I moved my head to the side, giving him more room. He sucked down on the spot, biting down on it occasionally.

He left lots of love marks all over my neck, and chest. He wad bbeing quite rough, drawing blood on some spots. I just let Kai do what he was doing, I didn't mind. If anything, I loved it a lot. But we had stop when I realized the time. "K-Kai, we have to get back to the photoshoot," He removed his mouth from my neck, and put me down.

"We can continue this at my apartment later tonight, what do you think ?" He raised his eyebrows, smirking at me. I smiled, and nodded my head. "I'd love that very much." He kissed my lips once more. "Good, because I want us to do this everyday for the rest of my life. Meaning, I want you to be my girlfriend (Y/N)." My eye widened, and a huge smile was on my face.

"I'd like that very much Kai."


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