Kazuki x Reader ( Screw)

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(Kazuki's P.O.V)

Today i decided to take (Y/N) to the amusement park up the street from where me, and her live. We live in the same apartment because in high school, we told each other that we was going to move in together. That was our best friend vow. But now, I want more then just being best friends.

We walked out the house together, and got into the car. As I was driving, she was making sure that we had both of our tickets, and wrist bands to get in, and get on all the fun rides.

( Y/N) P.O.V

We got to the ticket booth, and gave the ticket guy our tickets. We put on the wrist bands, and I saw Kazuki run straight to one of the booths.

" (Y/N)!! Lets play each other in this game!" Kazuki yelled out to me.

" Sure. How do you play?" I had asked him.

"You get 3 balls, and you have to try, and knock down the milk glasses down. If you win, you can get that big teddy bear up there."

"Alright, Prepare to lose."

We Played, and Kazuki is so good at this game. He beat me by a lot of points. He picked out the black teddy bear that had purple eyes on it. They booth guy handed the teddy bear to Kazuki. He grabbed it, but handed it to me.

"This one is for you (Y/N)" Kazuki said to me with a grin on his face.

"T-Thank you Kazuki."

We kept walking around the park, and Kazuki spotted out a huge roller coaster. He had his eyes set on getting it, but not me. Nope. That is way too scary for me.

"Come on (Y/N) let's get on that one." Kazuki had screamed with excitement grabbing my wrist, and dragging me to the line with him.

" Ummm... It's s-so b-b-big. Its way too scary for me." I had told him

" Don't worry, just hold onto my hand the whole time. I will be there with you." Kazuki said that to me, but it felt different when he said it. He meant it, and it made my heart skip a beat. That's my best friend though, I can't think about him like that.

Kazuki's P.O.V

We finally got into our seats on the ride. I could tell (Y/N) was scared, so I grabbed her hand, and smiled at her.

"Don't worry, I'm right here." I told her

The ride had started, and (Y/N) started to squeeze me hand very tightly. I made her feel very secure the whole ride. I was very calm, but she wouldn't stop screaming, so she closed her eyes, and laid her head onto my shoulder, still holding my hand.

After the ride, she grabbed her teddy bear, and I grabbed her wrist. I dragged her in the middle of the park, and i went for it. I kissed (Y/N). I kissed her softly, and she kissed me back. Her lips were so soft, and the kiss was passionate, yet very gentle. I broke the kiss, and looked into her (E/C) eyes.

"Will you be my girlfriend (Y/N)? I asked her, still holding her waist from the kiss.

"Yes Kazuki! I will date you.

I made it official with her, and we started dating that day. I will never forget that day because it was our first kiss, anniversary, and Her face throughout one of the rides was hilarious.


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