Sui X Reader(ex. Megaromania & ex. LIN)

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Sui's P.O.V

Today is one of those days for my girlfriend. She won't talk to me all day, and if she does, it because she wants food. Why? Because she won't turn her head away from the video game she's playing. That's basically all my girlfriend does while I am recording music. She plays video games, until I get home. However, I finished early and came home 6 hours early. And I came home at the wrong time.

I just brought her 2 more video games, since the 2 I brought her last week, she finished already. Now, she is working on finishing this one game called "Tekken 7" I have never heard of the game before, but my girlfriend loves the series, so she begged me to buy. Of course, I agreed. But I wish she would put the controller down for a few hours, and show me some attention already.

Ughh... I sound like a desperate teenage girl right now. But I'm jealous of the video game right now. Her attention is on the game, and not me. Not her boyfriend. However, sometimes it's interesting to watch her play. She is really good at playing the games, and she is highly intelligent. If she's stuck on a game that requires strategy, she can easily figure it out. Her intelligence still impresses me, even though we've been together for 6 years now.

"Baby, can you please make me a smoothie. I'm a little thirsty."

"Anything for you babe." I got up off the couch, and went into the kitchen to make us both a smoothie. I grabbed some fresh strawberries the fridge, and some bananas from the counter. I chopped them up into small pieces, and put them in our blender. I threw in some ice, and some soy milk. As soon as I hit the blend button, my girlfriend started cursing at the television screen.

I couldn't hear her over the sound of the ice, and fruits blending together. Once everything was blended nicely, I poured the mixture into two cups for us both. I grabbed two straws out of the kitchen drawer, and put them in the cups. I put her cup down on the table for her. She paused her game, and took a sip of the smoothie.

"This is so good babe, I love your smoothies." She smiled sweetly at me. I put my cup down onto he table, and looked at her. "Thank you. I love you just as much as I love my smoothies." She laughed, and took another sip. "Well, I love you more than the smoothie."

"Ooh~ I'm flattered. Well, I love you more than anything on this universe."

"Well I love you just as much." She grabbed her controller, and started to play her games. Sometimes, watching her play the game isn't so bad. Yes, I do get jealous because she doesn't pay me any attention while she plays. But I know that once she completes her game, we celebrate in our bedroom.

"Babe, do you wanna play against me?" I thought about her question for a minute. She will destroy me in this game, but it's a way for us to bond I guess. I picked up the other controller, and turned on. "Bring it on," I told her. She rolled her eyes, and went to the character select menu. "Don't talk a big game. I will destroy you."

"We'll see," I laughed at her. She got into her serious stance, and we begun our battle. Immediately after the battle started, she started to kick my butt. Like I knew she was going to, but I like to tease her a bit. It's funny seeing her serious face when she plays, because she is just so determined to always win every single battle she play.

Of course, she won against me. She did her cute little victory dance, and I put the controller down. "Okay, you won fair and square." She laughed, and sat down in my lap. "Now, you owe me a prize for winning," she looked at me with her cute eyes. "What's the prize?"

"Well, if I can win in a online tournament, you have to give me the best night ever. If you know what I mean."

"Deal," I immediately agreed to her offer. That is an offer I wouldn't ever turn down. She smiled, and nodded her head. She grabbed her headset, and signed into an online battle. She still sat in my lap, ready to participate. Once everyone signed in, the battle started to arrange.

"Wow, look. . . we are going against some girl." Someone spoke over the microphone into her head set. they began talking shit about how my girlfriend is going to lose to them. I was about to grab the headset, and say something, but she stopped me. She muted her mic, and looked at me in my face.

"Don't say anything. It's better when I don't talk. They think I would be intermediated by their words, but when I beat them, the shock in their voices if funny to me. So please, let me just fight." I put my hands up in defense, and allowed her to do her thing.

The first match begun, and my girlfriend started kicking that persons butt. They didn't even land a punch on her, and in 30 seconds the match was over. I high fived her, and she moved onto he next round. This went on about 6 times, before they announced my girlfriend as the winner. She stood up, and grabbed my hand.

"Where are we going?" I asked her. I was confused on why she immediately grabbed my hand, without shutting off the game, nor her headset.

"I'm going to claim my prize." She smirked and winked at me.


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