Mia X Reader (Mejibray)

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Mia X Reader (Mejibray)

(Y/N) P.O.V

I'm losing my mind right now. I have 1 day to finish getting Mia everything for our anniversary. 1 day to run all my errands, make a drawing for him, and write him a letter. This will be our 3 year anniversary being together. I never had a relationship last this long with anyone. I never believed in love at first sight, but when I saw him, I knew that I was in love. It was just feeling that I got when we first locked eyes. It's a feeling that's unexplainable, but It's a very lovely feeling to have.

Enough thinking about that, I actually need to leave my house right now. I got up from my desk, and walked into the closet. I grabbed the outfit that was closest to the door, and easy to put on. It was a loose grey sweater, with black ripped jeans, and the grey sneakers that Mia brought me for my birthday. I slipped on my clothes as fast as possible, and brushed my teeth before walking out into the living room. Mia was sitting on the couch, tuning his guitar.

His guitar was so precious to him. If someone broke his guitar, it would break his heart. And mine as well. I walked into the kitchen, and grabbed myself a water bottle. I heard Mia started playing his guitar. He didn't even notice me walk into the kitchen. He never notices when he is occupied with his guitar. I walked out the kitchen, and grabbed my keys from the counter near the kitchen. He probably noticed my movement because he looked up from his guitar, and smiled at me.

"Hey (Y/N), where are you headed?" He stood up from the couch, walking towards me to kiss me on my cheek. "I have to run some errands right now. It early in the morning, so best to do them now." I took a sip of my water, while he watched me grab my backpack from the couch.

"Well be back soon, I want to go out to dinner." He wrapped his arms around my waist, and kissed my neck. "You don't have to dress too fancy, just wear something nice." He walked away, and went back to playing his guitar. He wants to take me out to dinner tonight, but I still need to finish a drawing. Hopefully I can get it done before the dinner, I just have to get  back early enough.

I wasted no time, and slipped on my shoes. I opened the door, and yelled 'see you later' to Mia before shutting the door, and locking it. We lived near the mall, luckily. I didn't have to take the subway, which would've took me forever. I just need to speed walk, and know exactly what I'm getting him when I first walk into the mall.

I was speed walking, and thinking of what to get him. He really likes clothes, and accessories, so maybe a few shirts, some jeans, and necklaces. I might just get us some matching necklaces too. I know he loves shoes, so that's something else I can get him. I don't want to go too overboard, so I will just get him some candy, and a white rose to go with everything. Now that I have everything in mind, I just need to know exactly where to go, and what I want exactly, so I can be home in time to finish a drawing for him.

First I walked into a store that sold different types of unique jewelry. They sold everything here. Many different jewels, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. I honestly felt like I walked into heaven. I wanted to get Mia a necklace with his name on it, so I asked the older man if he can encarved Mia's name into the necklace. He said he was able too, so I went ahead, and gave him the money to do it. Since it's going to take him an hour, I left the store, and looked around for another store.

I went into a store that sells leather related items. Mia likes leather items, and anything that will make him look like a prince. I grabbed a pair of black leather pants that I saw when I first walked in. I made sure they were his size before I pick them up from the rack. I know he would like these, hopefully. They are leather, and black. They also had white, and gold detailing on them too . He should really love these.

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