Koichi x Reader Pt. 2 ( Mejibray)

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A/N - I'm writing from my phone because I'm stuck in traffic with nothing better to do. If you haven't read part 1, or forgot what happened, go back and read.

Me, and Koichi have been friends for a while, and I hope he doesn't notice that I want to be more then friends, because if I tell him how I feel now, who knows what might happen.
I walk into the place I like to call "Hell". I sit in the back of the class, as usual. I saw Koichi walk in the class, and he sat next to me, as usual.
" Y/N, I wanna take you out on a date." Koichi said. Did I hear that right? He asked me on a date.
"Uhhhh... Okay" I just said okay. I'm just in total shock right now.
"Alright, Be ready at 6, I will pick you up on Friday, and bring a set of extra clothes." Koichi winked at me.
Did I seriously hear that right? He wants me to bring extra clothes too. Oh lord.
{ Time skip, brought to you by Meto's adorable face }
Koichi's P.O.V
I'm on my way to pick up Y/N. I hope she remembers to pack an extra bag of clothes because she is gonna stay the night.
I decided I was gonna ask her out tonight. Tonight I won't hesitate since it's gonna be a date.
I knocked on her door, as she opened the door, my eyes widened. She had on some black jeans that basically showed off her curves, and a plain black tee, with a leather jacket. She also had on some creeper shoes with spikes on them.
"I didn't dress all out because all of my clothes are gothic, or punk rock." She said
"I don't mind at all, you look beautiful." I grabbed her hand, and opened the door for her to the car.
" Kochi!!" She had a shock look on her face, as she picked up the roses I left for her.
"Like them?" I asked
" I love them!!" She had said
The date went smoothly. He took me out to a nice restaurant, and we ate. He took me to play laser tag with him, and it was a lot fun. Even though he won, I still had fun.
We arrived at his house, and he opened the door. I put my bag down on his bed, and before I got into my night clothes, he grabbed my wrist.
"Y/N, Do you want to go out with me? I promise I'll treat you right, and not like those kids at school." My eyes had widened in shock by what he said.
" Yes! Of course Koichi." I had hugged him, and we fell onto the bed.
We was laughing, but I got up from off the bed, and put on some shorts, and a tank top. He had just put on a shirt, and some boxers.
We had laid in his bed, and he turned on a horror movie. I love them, but he had put on amityville horror, and that one scares me the most. I had cuddled up with him, and every scary scene I put my face in the crook of his neck.
He had cuddled with me, and the movie was finally over. He turned off the tv, and the lights, we had cuddled, but we both couldn't sleep.
"Y/N?" He had said
"Did you have fun tonight?"
"Of course Koichi. Nobody's ever done that for me."
" Good, since I can't sleep let's play a game of truth, and dare!"
" Alright Koichi lets play" I had said to him.

A/N: Haha, cliffhanger. I'm so mean, but I'm gonna write a part 3 to this because I love the Koichi, and reader romance ❤️, Should I turn this into a Fanfiction by itself? Let me know in the comments.

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