Subaru X Reader (Royz)

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Subaru X Reader

Subaru's P.O.V


I hit the snooze button on my phone. I forgot to turn my alarm off. It's Saturday, and I shouldn't have to get up so early in the morning. I close my eyes, and drift back off into sleep.


"What the hell!" I basically shouted at my phone. I realized that I hit the snooze button, and didn't turn the alarm off completely. I just laughed at my stupidity. I completely turn my alarm off, and roll over into bed to fall asleep again.

I wake up about 2 hours later. It 12 in the afternoon. I should really get up, but first, I check my phone. I have 3 new messages, and 1 missed call. I check, and see it's from (Y/N). The messages was just about asking me to do something today.

I just responded back with "Sure, What do you want to do?" I take my phone off the charger, and go into the bathroom to wash my face, and brush my teeth.

I walk into the kitchen, and make myself a sandwich, and pour a cup of orange juice. I walk into the dinning room, and eat my food. As I was eating, I check my phone, and I notice I had gotten a response from (Y/N).

"I just want to come over for a bit." That was all she said. I told her she can come over now. Since she is coming over, I should really clean the house. I start cleaning my room, since it was the easiest, and move on to the kitchen. I washed the dishes, and cleaned the living room.

I checked the time, and notice that she should be here soon. I go to my room, and pick out some clothes. I just found some black jeans, and a grey shirt. Since we aren't going anywhere, no need to dress all fancy. I change clothes, and at least try, and do something to my hair.

*Knock Knock*

(Y/N) P.O.V

I knocked on the door, and waited for him to answer. While I was waiting, I was thinking about the last time I got to see him. He is always so busy with the band, I never get to actually hang out with just him. If Subaru, and I go out together, his band members like to tag along too.

"Hey (Y/N)." He opened the door, and hugged me. He kissed my forehead, and allowed me into his house. I take off my shoes, and walk into the living room.

"Looks nice in here. I see you cleaned up." I spoke to him. It looks nice when he actually cleans.

"Yea, I was feeling pretty productive today. I even cooked myself some food." He said to me with a smile. I smiled back, and turned on the T.V

"There isn't noting really on." I whined. He took the remote out of my hand, and turned the T.V off. He placed the remote onto the table, and I looked at him.

"Enough with technology. Let's play some board games." He told me. I really never thought, that he would say no to electronics. There is a first to everything I guess.

"Okay, What do you want to play then?" I asked him.

"Let's play monopoly." He said. He walked out of the living room, and went down stairs to get the board game. He came back upstairs, and placed the game don in front of us.

"Ready to get a beat down?" I told him. I gave him a smirk, and he just looked at me.

"Look here princess, you won't beat me. I'm the best." He said to me. I blush every time he calls me princess. I don't know I just like being called that.


He beat me. He really is good. I never really mastered the whole concept of playing monopoly. I just play, and go with my gut, but I guess this whole game is based off of strategy.

"Yayy, I won." He said. He was jumping up, and down like a little kid. I giggled at how happy he was. We put our pieces back into the box, and I went into his room to lay down.

Subaru's P.O.V

After I put the game away, I see (Y/N) laying down on the bed. I lifted her head up, and laid in the bed with her. I put her head don, and she moved her head onto my chest. I kissed her forehead, and she blushed. Her blush is just so cute.

"I love you." She spoke to me. She was still blushing. It was adorable.

"I love you even more (Y/N)." I responded back. I made her blush even more. I looked down at her, and she looked up at me. I leaned closer to her face, and kissed her. It was a passionate kiss, but gentle.

I broke the kiss, and she laid her head back down onto my chest. I began to hum a tune. She was slowly falling asleep, as I kept humming. Next thing I know, she is out like a light, so I decided to take a nap along with her.


I woke up, and checked my phone. It was 8:30 at night. We slept for almost 5 hours. I moved her head off of me slowly, trying not to wake her up. I walk to the kitchen, and I cook us some dinner. I cooked us some white rice, and steak. She really likes steak.

I finished cooking, and she was still sleep. I had to wake her up so she could eat. I go into the room, and I kissed her on the lips. She opened her eyes slowly, and returned the kiss. I broke the kiss, and told her to eat.

We walk to the dinning room, and we began to eat.

"Thank you for cooking." She smiled at me, and I smiled back. I love it when she appreciates the littlest thing I do for her.

"Anything for you my princess." She began to blush, and eat her food.

After she ate, we went back into the bedroom to lay down. We sat in silence for a while, but it wasn't an awkward silence, It was a comfortable silence.

"Its getting late, I think I should go." She began to sit up, and looked at me. I didn't want her to leave, and It was too dark.

"How about you stay the night?" I asked her. She smiled, and I could tell she was happy to hear that.

"Okay!" She responded back.

That night, we stayed up for a while. Since we took a nap in the middle of the day. We talked to each other, and watched a movie. We also played I spy, and little games like that. We did that until we both fell asleep.

A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed. I don't know much about the band Royz, but I have heard a few songs by them :)) This was a request, so I hope you did enjoy it! \^O^/

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~Till we meet again~

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