Meto x Reader (Mejibray)

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Meto X reader

(Y/N) P.O.V

I was in the middle of making Meto his teddy bear, when I get a call from Koichi. " y/n! I need to ask you some thing.

"Sure! What is it?" You said happily over the phone.

"Have perhaps seen my fabric?"

You laughed so hard over the phone. You had took some fabric from Koichi about  1 week ago. You needed it for Meto's new teddy bear. Tears started streaming from your eyes as you were laughing.

" You just now noticed I took some fabric from you?"

"Yes I am! You should've told me, now I have to buy some more." Koichi said.

"Sorry, I couldn't find any black, and white striped fabric anywhere."

"Its fine. I got to go, my manager is yelling at me. BYE!!" Koichi hung up the phone.

Back to making the teddy bear. 'I'm almost done just one more stitch...and.....DONE!'

Meto's P.O.V

Rehearsal is now finally over. I'm going to go see y/n. She hasn't left her house in a bout a week. I'm worried about her. My girlfriend would usually come, and run to my house after practice is over. I wonder if she's sick. I should text her now.

Meto: Hey babe! I'm on my way over there. I'm worried about you. I missed you way too much!

Y/N: Okay! Hurry I want to show you something.

3rd person's P.O.V

Meto arrived at y/n house, and knocked on the door.

" Come in!" You said, hiding the bear behind your back.

Meto had opened the door, and went to kiss your forehead. You had covered his eyes, and placed the teddy bear in his arms.

" WOW! You did this for me babe! "Meto had said with a huge smile on his face. The teddy bear hand a black, and white, vertical stripped pattern. You gave it some green hair, and for eyes, you had put purple x's on them. For the nose, it had a button, and it had tiny, little cute piercings on its lip.

" Yes, I made it just for you! That's why you haven't seen me in a week." You said grinning.

"Well, since you made me this, I think I know what to give you."Meto had said, he whispered the last part into your ear, and bit on your ear. You had made a tiny moan.

He started to kiss, and suck on your neck slowly, leaving love bites on your chest, and neck. He began to kiss you passionately, and bit your lip softly, making you gasp, and he took this chance, and stuck his tongue in your mouth, exploring every part of your mouth, as your tongues swirled around each others.

"Lets take this in the room, and finish what we started." Meto said seductively in your ear, and dragged you in the room, closing the door.

(Let you imaginations run wild my friend! ;) )

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