Misery X Reader (Megaromania) Pt. 3

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Misery's P.O.V

I run to the door, and open the door. (Y/N) looked fantastic. She was wearing a red plaid shirt, with a plain black shirt over it. She also had on some black skinny jeans, and some black creeper shoes. She smiled, and looked down at the floor. "Sorry if I look to casual. I didn't have anything appropriate to wear."

"No It's fine", I responded. "You look amazing. Your outfit looks good on you. Your long, curly hair is gorgeous. And your simple, yet cute makeup is amazing." She blushed at my statement. I opened the door wider, and let her in. She took off her shoes at the front door, and put them on the shoe rack next to the door. She looked around at the house, and smiled. "The place is nice Misery," she complimented. "Thank you (Y/N). Dinner is already ready, so let's sit down at the table." She nodded, and headed towards the table.

Before she could pull the chair out, I pulled it out for her. She blushed, and sat down. I pushed the chair in, and went over to sit down across from her. We both picked up the chopsticks, and started to dig into the Katsudon.

"Misery, you like to cook?" Her pretty eyes looked up at mine. "Yes, I cook whenever I can." I responded in a gentle voice. "I like to cook too." She smiled, I smiled back at her. "Maybe one day we could cook together," she said. Her voice was full of excitement. "Yes, that sounds amazing." I responded. She nodded her head, and took a bite of the Katsudon again. Once she chewed her food she began to talk to me again.

"So Misery, what's your favorite color?"

"Pink, what's yours?

"(F/C)", she responded. That is a beautiful color. No wonder why she likes that color. It's just as beautiful as her.

We got quite again, and eat our food in peace. The silence was calming, and not awkward. It was like we were both relaxed, and calm, while we ate the food in front of us. I have to admit though, I did a good job on the katsudon. It tasted really well. I'm glad she enjoyed it too. I mean, she did eat it all, which means she enjoyed it.

Once we were done with the food, I took out bowls and put them in sink. I washed the two bowls, and sat back down at the table. We both grabbed out cups of wine, and took a sip. My eyes widen at the taste of the wine. It was sweet, and it tasted so good. "This wine you gave me at the live a few days is good." She smiled, and took another sip of the wine. "I got it in my favorite alcohol store down the street from house. The lady who works there gave it to me for free," she spoke to me with a smile on her face the whole time.

We both finished a glass, and poured ourselves another glass. This time, she chugged her drink down. I did the same with my glass. It was so good, you basically couldn't stop drinking it. We poured another glass, and another after that, until there was no more wine. (Y/N) went to stand up from her chair, but almost tripped over her foot. I stood up, and went to help her. "Are you okay (Y/N)?"

"Yea, I'm just *hick* a little tipsy." I started laugh at her. She is so cute when she is 'tipsy'. I picked her up, and led her to my room. I sat her down on the bed, and turned on my game system. "Wanna play?" I asked her. She grabbed the controller out of my hand, and turned it on. I guess that's a yes.

I put on street fighter, so we both can play. "Misery, your really *hick* cute." I blushed at the comment she made. I tried to ignore it, and I started to choose my character in the game. She started to pick her character as well. Once we both picked our characters, we started to play.

As we played, (Y/N) was all over the place. We played for almost 2 hours, and she only one time. That was because I let her win. It was cute to see her playing the game while she was tipsy. We were about to play another game, until she jumped on me, making me fall backwards. Now she was hovering me, looking right into my eyes.

"Misery, I really like you. You made me dinner, played video games with me. You are an awesome guitar player, and I admire your skills when you are on stage. I'm so glad you noticed me that day, or I wouldn't be able to do this." She pressed her lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist, embracing the kiss she gave me.

we kissed for 5 minutes, before we broke away for air. She just laid her head down onto my chest, and yawned. "I'm going to bed. Good night Misery."

"Good night (Y/N)" I feel asleep right after she did.


The next day later, we ended up making it official. We are now dating, and I am no longer lonely.

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