Yutori X Reader Pt.2 ( Pentagon)

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A/N: Here is part 2 to Yutori X reader. If you don't remember what happened, go back and re-read the first Yutori x Reader. I typed this up in a hurry, cause I'm busy, but Enjoy!

Yutori's P.O.V

Today has basically been a day full of packing. We gather all of (Y/N) things from her apartment, and brought it all to my house. It was tiring, and we were both exhausted, but that wasn't stopping me to spend time with her.

"(Y/N), do you wanna play some video games?" I asked her, while she was making us dinner.

" After dinner Yutori, we will play. What game do you wanna play?"

"Mmmm...Let's see...how about call of duty?"

"Fine with me Yutori." She said that with a grin across her face. Is there something that she isn't telling. I will find out once we play.

(Time skipo to..after dinner)

After dinner, I put in the game, and I let her log into her account onto my Xbox. As I was waiting, I was thinking that I should go easy on her. She probably hasn't ever played this game before. She did have an Xbox, but she probably played "Girl" games.

I set the game up for us, and I decided to play online with her, so we can go against people from around the country. I gave her set of headphones, and press start into the game. My friends were online too. I was surprised to see Minpha playing. He hardly ever plays games like this.

"Omg, ( Gamer tag) is online. She is a legend. She is the girl who won tournaments. Wish she was on my team." Someone from online said. I'm not sure who he is talking about, but I guess we should just play.

As I was playing, I noticed that (Y/N) is killing everyone. She even killed me quite a few times. I haven't even shot at her once. I decided to look up at her gaming tag.

"(Y/N)!! You didn't tell me you were (Gaming tag). Your famous in the gaming community" I had basically yelled, because i was just in shock.

"Oh right...you see Yutori, I was gonna tell you, but I thought it would be funnier if you found out this way, when I was kicking your butt." She was laughing as she said that.

"Haha, you got me (Y/N). Next time, your on my team. Deal?" I had took my hand out to shake hers. She shook my hand, and smiled. I had pulled her into a kiss.

This game was finally over. (Y/N) was on my team this time. We was basically killing everyone. We was like the unstoppable team. (Y/N) had made the last kill, before we decided to turn the game off.

"Yutori,  had fun. Let's do this again sometime!" (Y/N) said to me smiling, and her (E/C) eyes were sparkling.

"Okay, we will" We had turn the game system off, and went into the room. She had got undressed, and I just couldn't stop looking at her how beautiful her body was, and how soft her (S/C) skin looked. She put on some shorts, and a sports bra to sleep in.

I had put on a long t-shirt, and some boxers on to sleep in. We both climbed in bed, and we turned to face each other.

"I saw how you was looking at me Yutori." She had said with a grin on her face.

"Umm...Y-Yea." I was so nervous on how she was gonna rect. I mean its just the first night, and I already have these thoughts going on in my head

(A/N: Oh my Yutori. Thinking dirty aren't you now?")

" You can't get none of this tonight. First, you have to be able to beat me in a game." (Y/N) had said to me, and turned around to face the other direction. She poking her butt out just to tease me.

"That's not fair! I can't beat you in a game. You won national, and world titles."

"Well, you can't have this then." She poked her butt out a little more again.

"Yes I will (Y/N)!" I had grabbed her waist, and pulled her closer to me.

"But not now (Y/N). Let's just cuddle like this for a while, and maybe we can do those things later." I had told her, so we can keep things moving at a steady pace.

"Okay Yutori. Good night"

"Good night my love"


Here is Part 2. I had to type this fast because I have Japanese studies to finish tonight, and school work. I also need to update my blog, and edit my YouTube video. I decided to make part two today because I got requested to make it soon. So here it is. Hope you enjoy it.

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~Till we meet again~

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