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Ruki Imagines  by Filthinbeautyimagine
Ruki Imagines by Bean
A collection of Ruki x reader imagines that I've written on my Instagram.
INFERNO ( the GazettE Tale ) by GUILTY_
INFERNO ( the GazettE Tale )by GUILTY_
Reita, one of the best devils in hell was given another mission to kill. And when he met his mission he found odd things about her that drove him to break some of their...
GazettE One-shots by cha_O_s
GazettE One-shotsby Sabah
Short, fluffy stories with the Gazeboys.
Love for Lease ( the GazettE Series ) by GUILTY_
Love for Lease ( the GazettE GUILTY_
The bassist of an aspiring rock band and manwhore, Reita Suzuki needed a place in Tokyo. After a few search in the internet, he finally found a place. It says that &quo...
Calm Envy [Ruki - The GazettE FanFiction] by WitchAngmar
Calm Envy [Ruki - The GazettE WitchAngmar
What happens when the girl you once rejected in high school is now someone you can't take your eyes off? The famous vocalist Ruki from the Japanese band The GazettE and...
GazettE One Shots Book 2 by cha_O_s
GazettE One Shots Book 2by Sabah
As promised, here's Book 2!! NOW TAKING REQUESTS
Forever With The One I love ( Sequel to The Song. ) ( GazettE love story.) by YourWorthlessToMe
Forever With The One I love ( Carly
It's been three years since Sabine Elizabeth Morgan moved to Japan, after the tragic loss of her mother. It's been two years and ten months since she lost her best frien...
GazeCrack Silly Stories by Shoxx_Machine
GazeCrack Silly Storiesby ~♡Lee_Ha♡~
Just a bunch of short silly stories featuring The GazettE! This is all purely Crack! Just for humor so please don't take ANYTHING in here seriously!!! ^ ^
-jrockerxreader//one shots- by minineul
-jrockerxreader//one shots-by minineul
Going to start these Jrock One Shots with open endings, but if you guys come to like one of the stories, you can comment below for me to continue the story. I might or m...
I'll be Your Sun, In Your World Of Darkness. ( A GazettE Story). by YourWorthlessToMe
I'll be Your Sun, In Your World Carly
When Ash moves to Tokyo, She never expected to meet HIM.
$O£D ₮O ¥OU by filthinthebeauty
$O£D ₮O ¥OUby Zuskutataku Zuskami
Uruha works in a hotel owned by the Matsumoto group, a prestige family in Japan that owns hotels across the world. His best friend is Mia who also works there. The hotel...
Bitten By Love by cha_O_s
Bitten By Loveby Sabah
Akiko was content. She had a peaceful life in town, a small café of her own, and a supportive group of family and friends. But one day, a certain rockstar vampire happen...
Likhavat-e-Hind | Gazette by IndianLegion
Likhavat-e-Hind | Gazetteby IndianLegion
The official meaning of a gazette is a journal to record things. It is a collection of current affairs, cuisine, history, travel, photography, music, horoscope, movies...
Until The End (Ruki of the GazettE) by GazeReikira
Until The End (Ruki of the GazettE)by Rochelle
Aiko is Aoi's baby sister. Ruki loves her from first glimpse. Aoi tells him if he dares hurt her, he'll kill him, but Aiko is the one that hurts Ruki....Can he forgive h...
the GazettE One Shots - X Reader Scenarios by Ren-Yu
the GazettE One Shots - X Reader Ren-Yu
A collection of one shots of the GazettE members. I wrote these when I was like 15/16 so they're cringe af, don't expect any academic grade literature.
GazettE One Shots by filthandbeauty
GazettE One Shotsby filthandbeauty
A collection of GazettE one shots
Can You Fix a Broken Love? by Dont-Cry-Dandelion
Can You Fix a Broken Love?by Just Your Average Weirdo
Eve and Ruki met by fate in 2002 and soon love showed up, years later they got married, and ended up with two beautiful daughters but the pink clouds of love don't often...
Aoi of the GazettE- love story by GazeGirl64
Aoi of the GazettE- love storyby GazeGirl64
Okay, description. I'm hell not good at these. I suppose the story starts off angsty, but I wrote it a long time ago when that was kinda a part of my life so yeah.... hm...
Candy Voice & Devil's Smile [Aoi(TheGazette)Fanfiction] by daijoubujanai
Candy Voice & Devil's Smile [Aoi( daijoubujanai
I only own the story!! (and the character Juusan) -Face it, if i owned the band, now i wouldn't be here lol- (first attempt of a fanfiction that i'm going to take seriou...
Blossoming Flowers by Dim_Scene_Jullian
Blossoming Flowersby Die or Suck My Beast
Aoi and Uruha have been together for how long now~ and all Aoi does it Boss Uruha around or either ignoring him... making Uruha heartbroken~ Aoi tries his best to make U...