Mana X Reader (Moi Dix Mois & Malice Mizer)

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Mana X Reader

Mana's P.O.V

Late nights like these make me regret leaving my ex-girlfriend. I now have to provide for my two year old daughter, alone. Working late night gigs at the bar, and serving greedy women drinks at the bar. I have to bring my daughter with me every night, since I can't afford a daycare for her to stay in. I barley was able to afford my guitar, but I brought it knowing it will being in income.

The time was 3:30 a.m., a time where all the criminals are out looking for their next victim. I worked in a shitty are of town, but lived in a pretty decent area with good neighbors. I was able to keep the house I lived in, while my ex-girlfriend moved in with her best friend, leaving my daughter in my hands. I just wished she never cheated that night. But you know what, maybe leaving her was for the best, not only for me, but for my daughter.

After waiting fifteen minutes for the public bus, it had arrived at my stop. The doors opened, and I stepped in. I slipped in a dollar and twenty five cents into the machine, and got my ticket back. The door closed, and I sat down all the way in the back of the bus. The ride is going to be an hour long, since the bus stops constantly, and my place is far from here.

I looked out the window, watching the city lights go by. Shinjuku's city lights were always pretty to me.  Shibuya had bright lights, and big buildings. But Shinjuku had lights that I though could put a smile on anyone's face. The beautiful temples stood tall behind bright green trees, and cherry blossoms. Tokyo is a beautiful place to be at. I think everyone should have a chance to visit this city.

The bus stops after 10 minutes, allowing a gorgeous women on board. She had (H/l) (H/C) hair, and pretty (E/C) eyes that brought color into this world. She was wearing a cardigan over her white, button up, top. She had on a black, pencil skirt, and black heels. She looked like a typical business woman. She was gorgeous. I had never wanted someone as bad as her.

When the bus took off, my daughter started to cry. 'Oh not here Hime.' I started to pat Hime's back, hoping it was just hiccups. However, that wasn't the case. She must be hungry, she hasn't ate since 11:00, when I fed her at the bar. But I still have about forty-five minutes left until the ride is over. I mentally sighed to myself, and tried to cheer Hime up.

Nothing I did made her stop. I tickled her, pat her back, rocked her in my arms, kissed her cheeks, nothing. It was useless. I sighed to myself, and was on the verge of tears. I don't even know why I'm still living. Hime deserves a better mother, and someone who can provide for her. Not a gothic mom, who is actually a boy, that can't even support herself.

Tears started to go down my face, but then they were wiped away by a handkerchief. Hime's body left my arms, and I looked up to see who it was. It was the woman from earlier. She handed me her handkerchief, and took Hime from my hands. "Do you mind if I help?" She spoke softly. I nodded my head, "No please do."

The woman brought Hime to her chest, calming the baby down. Hime then closed her eyes, not crying anymore. Her breathing went back to normal, and she seemed at peace. The woman smiled at me, and kept Hime close to her chest. "You see, babies like to hear their mothers heartbeats. It calms them down. Granted, I'm just a stranger, I was still able to help," she had spoke. I smiled at her. "Thank you," i thanked her. She shrugged it off. "Hey, it's no problem. My name is (Y/N), what's yours?"

"Mana. I am a man by the way."

"I know. I've been to your gigs. I actually help fund them. You just don't notice me because I work behind the scenes." My eyes widened at her statement. "Your the one leaving me money at the counter every night?" She nodded her head. She leaned over me, and put Hime in her carrier. After she did that, I pulled her into a hug. "Thank you. That money has helped keep food on Hime's plate. I don't know what to say to you." She giggled, and hugged me back. "Just keep making music, I know you'll be big one day. Your a damn good player. I'll keep funding you, and you'll be okay. I know it Mana."


5 years Later


"Mana, you did it ! Your first major live show ever !" (Y/N) came running towards me back stage. I hugged her body close to mine, as she ran towards me. Tears left my face, and I started to cry. "Thank you, I'm here because of you," I managed to say to her. I could hear her sniffling, and wet tears falling onto my dress. "I did it because I love you Mana," she started to sob even more.

I pulled her away, and lifted her face with my index finger. "I'm glad you love me because I love you even more." Before she could protest, I smashed my lips onto her soft ones. She didn't push me back though. Instead she embraced it by kissing me back with the same force as me. Soft, gentle, yet passionate. This girl makes my head spin, but I love the way it feels, as long as she's the one causing this feeling.

I pulled back from the kiss, my eyes not leaving hers. She smiled, and let out a breath. "Mana, I've been wanting to do that for years. I've held back in fear you'd never like me," she spoke in a low voice. "(Y/N), I loved you even before I found out you were funding me this whole time. I loved you the moment you stepped foot on the bus that night." She smiled at me, and kissed my cheek.

Hime came running back stage to greet me in a hug. "Daddy !" She yelled out at me. When she came towards me, I picked her up in my arms, and she giggled. "You did good daddy. Everyone loves you," Hime said with excitement. "Yes they did. Now I can finally get you the dress I'm wearing in my size. We can match Hime !" Her arms were thrown up into the air. "I can't wait to have the dress made. And can (Y/N) match too?" (Y/N) smiled at Hime.

"It's up to daddy to decided," she spoke to Hime in a soft Voice. Hime looked at me, and started to shake me. "Please daddy !" Hime whined out. (Y/N), and I giggled at Hime's cutesy actions. "Of course, she's your mommy now." Hime's eyes brightened up, and so did (Y/N)'s eyes.

"M-my mommy?" I nodded my head, and Hime smiled. "I can finally have a mom. She can make crafts with me, play dress up, cook with us, help me clean with you, and put me to bed. Daddy ! This is everything I wanted. I always love the sound of (Y/N) heartbeat. My eyes widened in shock. "You remember that?"

"Well, (Y/N) always brings me close to her chest when I'm upset, miss you because your on tour, or when we are watching you perform. She's very motherly. I love (Y/N) daddy," Hime spoke. I smiled, and tears started to run from my eyes. (Y/N) smiled, and kissed Hime on the cheek. "I love you too Hime," (Y/N) responded to that.

(Y/N) handed me an handkerchief to wipe my tears, just like old times. "Well let's go get some nice, hot Ramen from the ramen shop," I spoke, trying to break the awkward moment of me crying. "Yayy, can we get mochi ice cream too, daddy ?" Hime spoke with excitement. (Y/N) took Hime out of my hands, and into hers. "Mochi ice cream is on me today Hime." Hime hugged (Y/N) tightly into her tiny arms.

"I love new mommy."


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