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 Chapter Twenty-Nine:

"Uh, I don't think so." Alyce snapped.

"I'm pretty sure we were born from a person." I said.

"There is no right way or wrong way." the unknown man stated.

"And, how would you know that?" Alyce said.

"I just do. Anyways, I know that I raised you, because I was there."

"Alyce, he's probably right." I said softly.

"Why would you say that?"

"You know 'Jordan', how she was Calona?" Alyce nodded, "Well, she said that Charity was our mom, how would she know that? It must've been lies."

"That's right, Kat." He motioned for us to come over to a computer.

"Erm, our arms are attached to these bands." Kate said.

The guy undid our bands. We got off the hospital beds, and followed him. He was typing a password and username into the computer:

Username: EliGeneMod

Password: •••••••••••

The man, Eli I suppose, clicked enter, and I turned to look towards Kate.

You rememebering this? I telepathically sended to Kate.

Just seeing this computer, out of our binds, and a open door gave us a plan.

"So, what are you showing us?" Alyce said casually, catching on.

"You'll see." Eli said.

After opening a few files, a few pictures showed up.

"Ooh, photo albums!" Kate said, sarcastically.

Eli gave her a look. He scrolled through a few photos.

"Look." He got behind us.

  One photo showed a woman in a lab coat holding a baby, a tag marked ''Kat". Another picture was us in a hospital bed with people putting syringes in us. The third one was them teaching Kate to fly. Simple photos, but in reality, it was weird.

A dreamy, soft kind of voice entered my mind, "Kat."

It wasn't a mind-message, those are easy to pick out. It was like a dream, I know that I wasn't sleeping, because I was looking at these photos.

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