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Quick note: There will be some reference about cats. Erm, one says a retarded cat stuck in a spider trap. That is actually true. We have spider traps around my house and my cat's like to mess with them, because they eat spiders. So, their tails get stuck in them, or their paws. My two cats are pretty stupid.

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Chapter Dedication: neverleave2neverlove

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 Chapter Twenty-Eight:

"Kat, get up." I heard Alyce whisper.

Why is she whispering? I asked myself in my dreamy state, also known as sleeping.

I shook her off and turned on my side in the field.

"Kat, get. up." her voice was more persistent.

"Wha'?" I asked, my eyes were still closed.

"I think someone is in the field."

"Pssh, we don't know who they are." I opened my eyes.

"They seem to be looking for someone."

"They have flashlights and everything." Kate put in.

"Fine." I said, even though I had no idea what I was agreeing to.

"Fine what?" even Alyce didn't know.

"Let's go." I got up.

Alyce pushed me down into a crouching state.

"Why?" I complained.

"We can't just get up and go, they'll see us."

"Maybe they aren't looking for us." I guessed.

"I bet they are. We don't know who's looking for us and who's not. All we know is that we have to lay low."

"Only one way to find out." I got back up again, and this time Alyce didn't push me down again.

  I crept along the tall grass towards the people who were searching for something. Or us. Either one. It was still dark. Maybe almost the break of dawn, so it was hard to see them if they didn't have their flashlights on.

I finally got close enough to hear what they were saying.

"Where are they?"

That sentence put me in the place of I knew they're looking for us.

"The Tracker says they're over there."

"Probably why searching over here is not a good idea, dip shit."

I shot up, preparing to unleash my kicks and punches on them, until Alyce started screaming my name.

"Kat! Watch out!"

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