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Chapter Thirty-One:

  I pulled the blanket up, shivering. I groaned, now my feet were cold. I scrunched myself together and lay on my side. My teeth chattered in the chilly breeze of the homeless shelter. I couldn't endure this cold anymore.

  But I sadly had too. I couldn't sleep. Something would always wake me up. The chills, the shuffling noises of people getting up to go the bathroom-let's face it, I woke up to the slightest touch or sound. The sound I woke up to was repetitive though.

  It was the sound of footsteps. I knew it wasn't the homeless in the shelter though. I was awake, so I would've seen them walking around. It wasn't shuffling, like the visitors here, it was heavy pick-up-your-feet footsteps. I would see a shadow appear in the curtain-less window every few minutes.

  I heard a muttering next to me. I tore my gaze from the window to look over my shoulder. I squinted to see better. It was darker in here then it was out there. It was Alyce who was muttering.

"No..." Alyce whispered.

Alyce moved her head away from me, then she moved it towards me. Her arms were sprawled away from her, her blanket twisted up around her legs.

"No." Alyce said, more louder and persistent.

Alyce's hands came towards her face, covering up her face.

"No!" she yelled from her hands.

I decided to wake her up.

"Alyce." I said, softly.

Alyce shot up from the floor and swiveled her head around.

"It's just me, chill." I said, calming her.

Alyce ran her hand over her face and through her hair.

"Why are you up so late...or early?" Alyce looked around for a clock.

"Early." she decided after finding it.

"I keep hearing something." I admitted.

"Oh, you heard it too?" Alyce surprised me.

I nodded, "Let me wake up-"

A hand flew over my mouth from behind me.

"Ka-!" Her own voice was cut off by a mysterious hand that appeared behind her too.

  The people who weren't there before, appeared now. One male, one female. Alyce had the woman behind her, and from the masculine hand, I figured my invader was a man. I kicked my legs and tried screaming underneath the hand. Dejectedly, no one woke up. I tried raising my voice along with Alyce's screaming.

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