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Last chapter of Classified! I'm so sad but so excited at the same time. I still have no idea which of my story ideas I want to do first. I'm so confused; I might have writer's block as I can't find ideas for both the story titles. The new book might take a while to appear, as I need a good idea. I will not be here Saturday and Sunday as I have to go to Kansas to visit my aunt and great-grandparents. That will be my thinking time, so I won't feel rushed, and so I won't lose all my fans. Thanks (I can't remember her name) for making me my amazing cover!

Thanks for being there for me!

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My...well, let's just say this person is still unknown, led me down a long hallway into a doorway. The inside was dark. But when the person lit up a candle, the shadows danced along the walls, making it easier to see. The person was a girl. I immediately realized the girl.

"Alyce!" I squealed.

Alyce whooshed over to me fast and cover my mouth.

"Shh..." Alyce shushed.

I nodded my head, and she took her hand off my mouth. I didn't realize that the 'Don't move' voice was her. But then again, it's Alyce. Who knows what she'll do next. I took in my surroundings and noticed Kate wasn't here.

"Where's Kate?" I whispered as quietly as I could.

Alyce gave an eerie smile.

"You'll see..."

The creepy smile vanished as there was a knock on the door. Alyce crept slowing over to the door. Her hand reached the handle and opened the door cautiously.

"Alyce, you can open the door; it's just me."


The door opened more and Kate swept in gracefully.

"Before you squeal," Alyce looked at me, "I'm warning you, be quiet."

"I guess the squealer was that chick over there?" Kate pointed at me.


"Hey, being captured," This time it was my turn to look over at Alyce, "and led into a dark room only to reveal that it was your sister, it makes you happy. Mainly, because I didn't want to be killed. Or attempted to be killed."

Kate nodded slowly.

"Do you have it ready?" Alyce questioned Kate.

"Yes, m'am." Kate mocked a salute.

"Have what ready?" I was confused.

"Wiring." Alyce said.

"What wiring?"


"Ah. Now, what are we attempting to bomb?"



"No, I'm kidding. Obviously we're are bombing Setres."

"And Gene-Mod." Kate added.

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