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Chapter Eighteen:

  We landed a loooong distance away from the Institution. I didn't know where exactly we were at, but I know that it would take forever to get back to the Institution. Why would I even want to go back? The three of us were sitting down in a little Internet Cafe, watching out for anyone suspicious. I was fingering my scar on my hand from the bullet.

  It still stung, but at least it wasn't dripping blood and hurting like a b. The cafe...it didn't seem like one of those normal cafe's. Instead of bringing your own computer, they actually let you borrow one. Alyce had walked up there to go get one.

"What should we research?" I asked, asking like a normal kid doing homework.

"I think we need to learn about Lexus. She was from the Faylen-Gene's Institution." Alyce said, bringing up the Internet Explorer as it was called.

"How do you know that?" I asked, confused.

"Her last name is Fay." she explained shortly.

"I still don't believe that's true."

"Well, let's find out."

  Kate reached over Alyce and typed in 'Lexus Fay' and 'Faylen-Gene's Institution' in the same bar. She hit the enter button. Kate clicked on the first website, and read out loud.

"Faylen-Gene's Institution is the only other gene-mixing institution next to the GeneMod Institution. Everyone who was 'mixed' there last name started with an 'F'. A list of people who was either built to be a clone for someone or just simply mixed was: Lexus Fay, Jake Flynn, Amanda Freeman, Kaylee Fill, Alex Fox, and Jonathin...Fellows."

Kate stopped.

"Do you think...?" Alyce trailed off.

I laughed, "No, it can't be her son. If so, then wouldn't he be done at the Gene-Mod Institution?"

Alyce looked unconvinced.

"Alyce," I put on a serious tone, "I seriously don't think that is her son."

"Do you really?" she prompted.


She smiled at that.

"Where is the Faylen Institution located at?" I asked Kate.

Kate exited out of the page and brought up a new one and typed in "where is Faylen-Gene's Institution located at?" and hit enter.

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