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Chapter Eleven:

  I looked at Alyce who laid there on the forest floor,unconscious. Hopefully,she was just knocked out...my next guess was she was dead because of their guns.

"Alyce?" I checked to see if she was dead.

"Is she?" Kate asked,looking worried.

"No,she's just unconscious." I replied,and let go of her wrist.

I heard Kate breath a sigh of relief.

"But we need to wake her up," I said.

"Alyce!" I yelled,shaking her gently.

She mumbled something and turned over.

"Alyce! Get up! We have to go!" I yelled,like we were in trouble.

Alyce sat up fast and popped out her knife from her pocket.

"Where are the people?" she said,slowly putting her knife back into her pocket.

"Just a way to get you up." I said and shrugged.

It was getting darker and darker as minutes ticked by and we needed to rest.

"We need to rest." I said,looking around for tall trees.

Kate nodded and Alyce...looked drunk.

"She needs the most sleep."

"I'll take the first watch." I unfurled my wings and grabbed Alyce by the waist.

  I got her up in a tall tree and Kate flew up a tree. I followed in next to Alyce who drifted off in a matter of seconds. I heard Kate snoring,now I know everyone is asleep I watched carefully,listening for anything suspicious.


  I felt like drifting off. I don't know how long it has been,but Kate just woke up saying she'll take the second watch in a few minutes. My leg was swinging off the tree,my hands in my lap. Humming would make it a cliche setting. Every noise that happened made me jump.

  Besides one noise that happens every few seconds. It sounded like really low whispering. Like,really really really low. Sticks kept snapping,leaves were crunching,and a beam of light showed up occasionally. I knew someone was out there.

  I was just waiting for it to come to me. I didn't want to jump off the tree,run after the source,and/or get captured or killed. I'm fine sitting here,waiting for whatever the thing is to show up. I don't know if there is one or more. Maybe a whole group.

  Maybe it was the two standing members of the Classified group. This thought started to creep me out,so I slipped off the tree limb and hung on with both my hands. I dangled there,the leaves still keeping my spot a secret. As I was lower to the ground,I heard better. I heard bits of what the whispering voice I heard earlier.

"Kat....Kate....probably....tree....no....knock them....do we.....gas?" was all I heard to understand what the possible sentence could be:

"Kat and Kate are probably in a tree." which was a question.

"No...maybe we could knock them out. Do we have gas?" the second sentence answering a question.

  They were going to try and knock us out with carbon dioxide,carbon monoxide,or some type of gaseous anesthesia. I had to warn Kate and Alyce. I was about to flip up over the branch,when I heard the same voice again,closer,clearer,like someone was right next....

"Well,hello there."

To me.

My reflex? A kick in the jaw. That was the answer to the never-heard-of-before English accent right up into my face. Without seeing if I did any damage,I did what I was about to do before he so rudely interrupted me.

"Alyce!" I hissed loudly.

"Get up!" I yelled louder,not caring who heard me this time.

Kate was probably half-asleep since she was on the ground ready to kick ass. Alyce...she was a bit more harder to wake up.

"Alyce!!" I yelled loudly,shaking her gently.

"Wha-what?" she muttered,opening her eyes.

"We have company." I said.

She snapped out of whatever was going on with her and slipped off the branch,fists ready.

"Who's he?" Alyce asked as she saw the pained man on the forest floor. He was holding his jaw and moaning.

"I have no idea. Just BAM! right in my face. My reflex was kicking him in the jaw. I don't know who he is." I answered.

He seemed to speak fine with a damaged jaw,"You-ow-don't know me bec-ow-ause I'm not from the


"What Institution?" I quizzed.


"Which one are you from?" I asked another question.


"That's not an Institution." Kate put in.

"I said I wasn't from an Insit-ow-ution."

"Then what Armogasa?" I asked,knowing where this was headed.


Knew it.

I heard footsteps behind me and Kate and Alyce were in front. The guy had a smile playing on the corner of his lips.

I didn't look back,I just yelled,"Run!"

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