Chapter Twelve: Thought Controller and A Evil Clone? Really, People, Really?

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Chapter Twelve:

  My legs were so tired, they felt like Jell-O. I was starting to have this weird limp-run. I could run, but it felt weird and Alyce was giving me weird looks as she looked over her shoulder. I kept running anyways. The people I heard behind me now on a full sprint after us.

  The British guy now after us also, seeming to have no pain in his jaw. The stupidest time to think would be right now. You know what I was doing? Thinking.

  Why would that guy want us? He's not from the Institution we came from. Heck, he's no even from an Institution, he's from a Hospital made long time ago. Do they want to try their sick genetics they made on us?

  Alyce looked over her shoulder once again, this time without a weird look. She must've heard what I was thinking. She turned her head forward before she hit the tall tree. Alyce swerved, tripped, but kept running. I had more thoughts swirling around my head,but I pushed them out and kept running, replacing them with Run, run, run, don't look back, keep going.

 We couldn't just keep running and running, hoping to lose them,I thought after what seemed like forever.

I stopped suddenly, slipping in the wet mud, then caught myself.

It's raining? I looked up.

Sure enough, a light drizzle, enough to wet down dirt, was playing over us.

  I pivoted on my right foot as I turned around. The group of four, more than the Classified, looked puzzled. I didn't say anything. The group slowed down and just stood there.

"Come on." I finally said something.

Again, they stood there, dumbstruck. I sighed.

"You have a brain right?"

  Only three of them slowly nodded. The British guy wasn't answering, his thoughts, when I tuned in, said he was ready to kick my ass.

"You ran here right?"

They nodded faster now.

"Do you know how to talk?"

It's like talking to a one-year-old, only no answer from the other side.

  They all looked at each other. I tuned in on their thoughts. Instead of getting voices, which I was hoping for, I got this loud static that seems louder than what I already have when I start to tune in. The British guy looked at all of them and gave them a look and his thoughts said, Nod. The three of them nodded.

  He was controlling them by thoughts. I began planning. I thought if I took out the 'leader', the rest would break down. Except, after the experience of kicking him to the jaw, he didn't suffer from pain, he faked it.

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