Where We Belong by TheMonsterMaker
Where We Belongby Monster
#109, Maia Ketlen, her companion Ollie, and all her worry and self doubt come true as she realises the people who want her dead might be closer than she ever thought.. O...
  • futuristic
  • genetic
  • genetic-engineering
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Prodigies Are Made by Look4Stars
Prodigies Are Madeby Siyona
Kids are genetically engineered to be like the parents want them to be. Things like skin color, eye color as well as preferences. Xavier was born into a world like this...
  • genes
  • rich
  • rewiring
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Enhanced by Tmensako
Enhancedby Tmensako
"There's no going back dear reader. You've started reading this far you might as well finish this story, but be warned, they might be watching. You might be next.&q...
  • adventure
  • wattys2018
  • flying
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Defect by muffinkoko
Defectby Koko
(Now Mature) Highest is #7 in Science Fiction When you're eighteen you become a legal adult. When you're eighteen you think you know everything. When you're eighteen yo...
  • sciencefiction
  • secrets
  • future
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Variant by scifi_nerds_dna_12
Variantby Emmaline Ross
Variant: a form or version of something that differs in some respect from other forms of the same thing or from a standard A Variant is someone who has a certain ability...
  • sci-fi
  • genetic
  • dystopian
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Project Avertii-58 by ItsJustNatNat
Project Avertii-58by ŋąɬŋąɬŋıŋʝąƈąɬ
In the year 2063, 12 androids were created to rid Millamon city of the current tyranny. However, the androids turned on humanity. They devised a plan, and they became th...
  • nameless
  • ronan
  • workers
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Because Of Who We Are 2: Future Uncertain by TheGirlWhoWrites1997
Because Of Who We Are 2: Future Danielle Mudgway
20 kids on the run from the scientists that took them, run rabbit run!
  • science
  • superhuman
  • fantasy
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Their Mate  by katieodonnell52
Their Mate by Breaking
Mate material! Please! Or so she thought unlike her mates. That are octuplets, wolf ranking Alpha Powerful Eights. A family genetic normal for them is whenever said wolf...
  • join
  • eight
  • many
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Genetic Differences by JiminInfiresMe1209
Genetic Differencesby Rose
21+ Mature "it's like they aren't even human..."
  • korean
  • kpop
  • mature
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Anthem's Fall by SLDunn
Anthem's Fallby S.L. Dunn
The young emperor Vengelis Epsilon narrowly escapes the reckoning of his empire at the hands of strange machines known as Felixes. The Felixes are identical in every res...
  • futuristic
  • apocalypse
  • comic
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It Can't Last Forever (Escaping The Compound Book 2) by TheGirlWhoWrites1997
It Can't Last Forever (Escaping Danielle Mudgway
They are free...but for how long? I mean it can't last forever, Can it?
  • genetic
  • escape
  • science
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Camilla Ash by Infinity_S_Galaxy
Camilla Ashby Infinity_S_Galaxy
Everything is different when you can fly. When you can soar in the sky above everyone else. You may think it's an awesome peaceful life to have but... It's not... Cam is...
  • inspired
  • romance
  • action
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The New Compound (The 5th & Final Compound Book) by TheGirlWhoWrites1997
The New Compound (The 5th & Danielle Mudgway
Someone has betrayed Them. But Who?
  • fantasy
  • superhuman
  • genetic
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Repo! The Genetic Opera (Audience Participation) Script by DarkAngel1233211
Repo! The Genetic Opera ( DarkAngel1233211
I'm creating this for everyone, including me, who wants to know more audience participation lines. If you know of any, please leave them in the comments and I'll add the...
  • script
  • musical
  • genetic
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The Hunt: An Oakmont Story by OscarHinklevitch
The Hunt: An Oakmont Storyby Oscar Hinklevitch
[COMPLETE] The trials of Melanie continue, as the Oakmont program wants her back. This time, however, they want more than just her. She leads them on a chase across th...
  • alaska
  • dna
  • government
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The Millennials (ON HOLD)  #Wattys2016 by Adrenalin5
The Millennials (ON HOLD) Skeptica Takeover
The Millennial Sector is made up of strictly a mixture of the races. Since the revolution began due to racial violence, the solution was to have the races mix so that on...
  • wattys2016
  • science
  • mutation
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My Seasonal Girl by NaomiBlue14
My Seasonal Girlby Naomi Blue
Writing prompt: Your wife changes her hair color every season and her personality changes slightly. You're secretly only in love with the autumn wife. She just came home...
  • fallingapart
  • disorder
  • genetic
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Übermensch (3rd Edition) by Mbabaoye
Übermensch (3rd Edition)by Mbabaoye
Earth, 4417 AD: The human race has been wiped out by the godlike Masters and replaced with genetically engineered slaves. Id wakes up one day with no memories, lying in...
  • posthuman
  • engineering
  • superhuman
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