Defect by muffinkoko
Defectby Koko
(Now Mature) Highest is #7 in Science Fiction When you're eighteen you become a legal adult. When you're eighteen you think you know everything. When you're eighteen yo...
  • government
  • scifi
  • teen
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Allegiant 'Re-imagined' by Mukthi_dxb
Allegiant 'Re-imagined'by Muk Muk ;)
Staring at the camera footage screens in utter shock, I can't believe my eyes... My brother is safe and he is on his way outside the fence... Now the only problem is, he...
  • welfare
  • tobiaseaton
  • four
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Prodigies Are Made by Look4Stars
Prodigies Are Madeby Siyona
Kids are genetically engineered to be like the parents want them to be. Things like skin color, eye color as well as preferences. The company responsible for this outbre...
  • government
  • music
  • poor
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Code Bound. by _logogriph
Code Olly
Aliens are real, but they never came from outer space. They called themselves the Genet, a once extinct race of folkpeople with magic that shouldn't exist. And half a...
  • genetic
  • assassin
  • cipher
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A Face Worth Keeping. (Pavi Largo x Reader) by coke-flavored-socks
A Face Worth Keeping. (Pavi Captain Q
Ice cold hands running down your back and over your surgical scars, picking over them with a sharp nail. Blood seeping out slightly and the pain stinging through all the...
  • opera
  • repo
  • reader
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Repo! The Genetic Opera (Audience Participation) Script by DarkAngel1233211
Repo! The Genetic Opera ( DarkAngel1233211
I'm creating this for everyone, including me, who wants to know more audience participation lines. If you know of any, please leave them in the comments and I'll add the...
  • script
  • genetic
  • repo
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Now, We Burn by Spiders_And_Roses
Now, We Burnby You can call us Emma and Spid...
Fire, destruction, death. Anger, fear, sorrow. Dragons. It has been fifteen years since the government, bent on constructing weapons of war, created mutant beast...
  • characters
  • genetic
  • mutants
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Double Mercury by Poixoned_Angel
Double Mercuryby Doku
Ex-street fighter wins a big enough matial arts tournament to move to a new home, his rival and 2nd place in the torny move in with him to get even and escape their prev...
  • genetic
  • gene-science
  • kirlia
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Moon 514 || Blaze and the White Griffon by B_L_A_Z_E
Moon 514 || Blaze and the White B_L_A_Z_E
The inevitable is coming: technology must evolve alongside magic. The earth wills it. After the Third Holocaust nearly extinguished life on her surface, the earth year...
  • earth
  • blaze
  • space
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Anthem's Fall by SLDunn
Anthem's Fallby S.L. Dunn
The young emperor Vengelis Epsilon narrowly escapes the reckoning of his empire at the hands of strange machines known as Felixes. The Felixes are identical in every res...
  • android
  • wattys2017
  • hero
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Eyes  by The_Ravenclaw_Girl
Eyes by The_Ravenclaw_Girl
(Quite a fast paced story to start off with..just to pre-warn you..) [Julys Featured Author Competition Winner!] [ELIMINATION AWARDS FINALIST!] _ _ _ _ _ The world is...
  • genesis
  • e-awards2017
  • eyes
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Genetic Differences by JiminInfiresMe1209
Genetic Differencesby Rose
21+ Mature "it's like they aren't even human..."
  • kpop
  • genetic
  • jimin
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Mutant Genetic Gladiator Hack Cheats - Free Golds and Credits Android and Ios by Roykristian
Mutant Genetic Gladiator Hack Roykristian
This Mutant Genetic Gladiator Hack Cheats works on android, ios as well as other devices on which you install the game and it can always generate for you unlimited Free...
  • golds
  • credits
  • genetic
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