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-----------        ----------------        -------------------              ------------------            ---------

Or something like that, it's describing what happened before that.


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Drew Roy as Aaron!


Chapter Thirty-Three:

"How many more hours left?" I asked Aaron.

  It's weird if you think about it. I'm the one driving, so you'd think I'd know when we would would get there, right? Well, I was too tired to bother figuring it out myself. I yawned. Thinking about myself being tired makes me...well, tired.

"Five hours left." Aaron answered.

"It's been a day so far?"


"How does someone drive for a day straight?" I was stunned. "Does anyone want to drive for a while?"

"Or five hours." I muttered.

Everyone was up and revived, while I felt like taking a two-year hibernation.

"Here." Alyce said.

  She put her foot on the center console, and then her other. She pulled herself up, now sitting on the center console. Alyce's hands reached the steering wheel. I slipped underneath her to the passenger seat, and Alyce sat down in the driver's seat.

"Thanks." I said.

"You guys are weird." Aaron said, then typed in a few things on his computer.

"Are you typing that we're weird on your computer?" I asked, joking.

"No..." Aaron looked guilty, but he could of been playing along.

I still don't trust him, but I have to give him a chance. Kate and I had a big discussion about trusting Aaron.

--------------                     --------------------                          -------------------                     ----------------

Kate was sitting in the passenger seat, staring out her window.

"What's wrong, Kate?" I asked, noticing her not talking as much.

"Do you trust Aaron?" Kate asked, still staring out the window.

That came out of no where.

"Why?" I was buying time.

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