The Boy In The Attic by stickitstilinski
The Boy In The Atticby ˗ˏˋ des ˎˊ˗
What I felt for him was different than anything I'd ever felt before. It wasn't that I wanted to give him my heart or that I wanted him to give me his. It was just the s...
  • thriller
  • crime
  • boy
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Upstairs - DRAFT by GrindylowMooney
Upstairs - DRAFTby Grindylow Mooney
What if you were forced to face your greatest fears, with no going back? This story is about fear, fear of the unknown. This is not the finished story and is currently u...
  • blood
  • wattys2018
  • old
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The cuddle buddy code by sagetisdale0550
The cuddle buddy codeby Sage Tisdale
The rules were simple, 1) no kissing 2) come whenever it happens 3) no one knows 4) never go in the attic 5) never be afraid to ask for a ride & 6) no falling in love A...
  • rules
  • anxiety
  • cuddle
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Deadtime stories by dabtabdanphildil
Deadtime storiesby dabtabdanphildil
A bunch of scary stories for when you are lying down in your comfy bed , hopefully no demon is creeping its hand round the door or standing in the corner of your room...
  • evil
  • mum
  • forrest
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The Shattered Shadow of a Heart  [BEING REVISED] by book_lover136
The Shattered Shadow of a Heart [ Mrinal
"She had the eyes of innocence, the face of an angel, the personality of a dreamer and a smile that hid more pain than you could ever imagine." Avery's niece i...
  • attic
  • depression
  • bisexual
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Only You [Aliens In The Attic][Jake Pearson] by SpontaneousMischief
Only You [Aliens In The Attic][ Mmkay, sure.
Luna "Looney" Drake travels with her best friend Tom, and his family, to the family lake house to join them on their summer vacation. When they arrive, she mee...
  • ocs
  • pearson
  • hannah
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Is This Real? by daydreamer2836
Is This Real?by Jenn Davis
What happens when four girls go on vacation in a cabin, near a lake, and into the woods? It is a puzzling mystery that they cannot ever explain even after it happens. Wa...
  • attic
  • ghosts
  • lost
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Aliens in the Attic by NerdyBookFan5000
Aliens in the Atticby NerdyBookFan5000
Ashley Simmons has been best friends with Tom Pearson since childhood. Usually Tom goes away for Family Vacation, but this year Ashley gets invited to go along too. Th...
  • summerlove
  • romance
  • summer
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Attic Monsters by xSnoWolfx
Attic Monstersby xSnoWolfx
Finding defiance in herself she finally broke free and went into the attic. What she encountered their could never be defined or told. New highest achievement: #186 in...
  • theheavenlyawards2017
  • shortstory
  • wattys2017
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Bondage by noiceee95
Bondageby noiceee95
Deal with it. Maybe it'll get better every chapter, maybe it won't.
  • attic
  • smutwarning
Love is just an emotion by sieved_sight
Love is just an emotionby Who ever I wanna be
Disclaimer all my in and error books are NOT connected but are similar in some points ) In this book Error finds love through the clouding fears and pain it might be a s...
  • attic
  • pain
  • fear
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The attic by mehak1112
The atticby mehak chauhan
[Highest #15 in Horror] Two months ago, I lost many things. I lost my aunt and mom and Lucie still have nightmares. But excluding that, I was enjoying life a lot! I thou...
  • ghost
  • love
  • scary
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Innocent // Bart Foxworth by SynairaMiller
Innocent // Bart Foxworthby 🌸Unrated Child🌸
He slowly walked up to me, and everyone seemed on edge as he did so. Protectively, Cindy stepped slightly in front of me, but Bart took no notice to it as his eyes met m...
  • attic
  • foxworth
  • cindy
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Alexa by loyalxsisters
Alexaby loyalxsisters
"Get out of my house", is all I here before I black out.\ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I woke up I saw a cute little girl ru...
  • taylorswift
  • attic
  • murder
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Attic Boys  |{Phan}| by katnilli
Attic Boys |{Phan}|by katnilli
Imagine Dan and Phil suddenly move into your attic. You now have two pretty famous YouTubers living in your house, and you have no idea what the hell to do. They probabl...
  • dream
  • youtube
  • dan
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The Hands Of The Devil by Satanic_Moon_Cat
The Hands Of The Devilby Satanic_Moon_Cat
'The Hands Of The Devil' is a story about a young girl. She proceeds to buy a oujia board but not knowing anything about it. Her and her friends play it at a sleepover b...
  • demonic
  • satanic
  • devil
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The Attic | short horror story by katieswritings
The Attic | short horror storyby Katie
'The Attic' is a short psychological horror/triller in which Kristen, whom is left home alone whilst her parents go on holiday, experiences strange happenings around the...
  • fiction
  • mystery
  • horror-thriller
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Short Scary Stories by Shadow_Nightwing1217
Short Scary Storiesby Shadow Nightwing
I will be making my own stories but some will be from the internet, I will tell you if they are mine or not.
  • short
  • mirror
  • creepydoll
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Flowers In The Attic || Scorose by Ievicorpus
Flowers In The Attic || Scoroseby alex
Rose Weasley hates Scorpius Malfoy sadly, the feeling is not mutual. So what happens when you add a storm into a caldron bubbling with emotions and a pinch of attic sit...
  • hogwarts
  • oneshot
  • weasley
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Imperfect Perfections ][Republished] by LiamDuunbar
Imperfect Perfections ][ check bio
| Check out the new version on @cassiesvllivan | In a world where absolutely no one could be perfect,you meet the Dollangangers,so perfect they are called Dolls,Corinne...
  • cory
  • carrie
  • christopher
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