Chapter Ten! This is still Alyce's P.O.V. Next chapter,I think,will switch back to Kat's mind and continue that way until I have to do Alyce's or Kate's or anyone else's. This chapter will probably be the shortest. Maybe a page or two. I try-keyword:try-to do three pages per chapter,sometimes that doesn't work out and it's like two and half. So,enjoy this one!

Dedication For This Chapter Goes To: AnotherFantasyGirl. Another one of my awesome fans who added my book to their library,which you all know,means a TON to me. So,I dedicated this chapter to her for putting my story in her library as a bigger thanks then the one I did on her profile lol.


Chapter Ten:

I picked up a voice as we walked quietly down the hallway of the Institution. I listened closely.

"Did you tell her that she's been here for two months?" a female voice asked softly.

A guy snickered,"Yeah,even though it's only been like ten minutes she has been in here."

I looked at Kat,who heard the same thing,and she looked...pissed. Her fists clenched up and then she turned her head behind her. I looked behind me and saw someone in the middle of the hallway standing still. The person had her hands on the fire alarm next to her.

"Run!" I yelled.

The woman pulled down the handle on the fire alarm. Red lights and an annoying blaring sound filled the silence of the hallway. The three of us took off down the hallway,everything around me was a blur and my object was the door ahead of us. Footsteps chased behind us,dark figures jumped in front of the door,blocking our way out.

"Window!" I heard Kate yell.

  I looked around for a window and spotted one on my left. A guy with an AK-47 (Cliche gun much?) came at me and I dived for the left,slipping underneath his arm that he shot out. The window was a bit high,so I grabbed onto the fire extinguisher that was hanging on the wall and swung and slammed my feet into the window. The glass shattered and I hit the concrete-hard. I heard something metal hit the ground.

Fire extinguisher,I thought.

  Kate and Kat won't be able to get out now. I closed my eyes and imagined them showing up next to me. I heard someone appear next to me and then the same sound again.

"Well then..." Kate said,looking sweaty.

The guards were looking out the window,then disappeared,heading for the door.

"Run! Again!" Kate yelled and took off.

  Kat and I broke into a run after her. The footsteps behind us were heavier,meaning there was more people after us. Bullets zoomed passed,not even touching us. The air around us became windier,the trees looked like they wanted to snap at the root. I looked up and saw a helicopter with a machine gunner inside aiming at us.

  Bullets came from behind us and to the side of us. We were engulfed into the leafy green forest once again,this time with Kate. The sound of guns stopped as they lost us in the forest. The footsteps got quieter...except a few people who followed us. I remember one of the genes they mixed in with my blood.

  I turned around and shot out my hands. A gust of wind knocked them back,hitting trees,knocking them out. This always makes me pass out. I hit the ground with a hard thunk and my mind went black.

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