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This is my first story and it, so far, has gotten a lot of feedback. Thank you everyone who commented and voted, it means a lot.

 Chapter Dedication Goes To: SmileWideForever. SmileWideForever was my first comment on my story and that made my day, so I dedicated this Chapter to her for that as a thanks!

 Hayden Panettiere portrays as Kat.


Chapter One:

  They found me. I stuck the side of the handle of my knife into mouth and started to climb the nearest tree. I grabbed onto hanging pieces of bark to pull myself up. I grabbed onto the limbs of the tree as I moved more to the top. I reached for the last limb and consumed myself in the dark, leafy center of the tree, hiding.

  I hoped they wouldn't flash their flashlights up here or I'd be screwed. Let me explain who they are. They call their selves Classified. I have no idea why. Classified kidnapped me when I was five. It seemed like it was more than just yesterday...

•Kat•Five Years Old•

  The Classified group carefully, and professionally, unscrewed all the screws in the window without hardly making a sound. Niko Saige pulled the window screen away, leaving an opening for the volunteer of this mission to climb in without any hesitation. Calona Fellows was the volunteer. Dressed in black from top to bottom, it'd be hard to see her in the dark of the night. The little girl, known as Kat Evergreen, was soundly sleeping in her bed.

  Calona shook her head. She was always ashamed of herself for taking this job. It was good pay, but it was heartbreaking do this. She cleared her head and crept quietly near Kat's bed. The woman in black pulled out the white cloth out of her jean pocket.

  She carefully wrapped it around the girls feet, and then brought out another piece of cloth and did the same to her hands. The girl didn't make a sound. Calona pulled out duct tape and pulled a piece off quietly and ripped it off. She put it over the girl's mouth and Kat's eyes shot open. The little girl started to scream and kick, but it was muffled and she was tied up.

  She picked up the muffled screamer and handed Kat to Niko. Niko took Kat to the van where Danny Loia was waiting in the driver's seat. After setting Kat in the van, Niko brought out a different girl, a girl who looked identical to Kat, to Calona. The woman slipped the kid into bed and backed away from the bed towards the window. Calona climbed out of the window, tearing a hole in her sweater in the process.

  "Dammit." she muttered, eyeing the hole.

Calona picked up the screen leaning on the house. She picked up the screwdriver and began re-screwing the screen onto the window.

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