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Modification || Completed by EmilyTheHorcrux
Modification || Completedby EmilyTheHorcrux
Winner of the 2016 Fanfiction Awards! Things will be different for Estela this year at Hogwarts. Having seen the catastrophic future that lies ahead, Albus Dumbledore ha...
  • horcrux
  • tomriddle
  • romance
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|| The Dawn of Darkness || by EmilyTheHorcrux
|| The Dawn of Darkness ||by EmilyTheHorcrux
✨ Book 2 ✨ Sequel to Modification ✨ Estela's going back. Back to where it all started. Back to the place where everything changed. She's returning to resume the task sh...
  • emilythehorcrux
  • potter
  • draco
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Being Recreated by Sinister6Effect
Being Recreatedby Ravana
Remember how your parents always warned you about never talking to strangers? To always let them know where you are?, when you'd ask why all they would say is "beca...
  • teendrama
  • hybrid
  • forest
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The Experiment by LovelyLittleLoser
The Experimentby LovelyLittleLoser
Scientists worked for years to combine the strands of DNA from animals who were completely incompatible, and for years they failed and failed again. Then they succeeded...
  • sciencefiction
  • human
  • experimentation
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ZERO by EdwardMullen
ZEROby Edward Mullen
Against many people's fears and warnings, A.I. started off as an innocent project spawned by the curiosities of scientists and tech entrepreneurs alike. It eventually sp...
  • underground
  • technology
  • prodigy
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Wolf in Sheep's Clothing » Danganronpa Boys X Reader by solarvevo
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing » Kayaday
"You will pay...Karma's gonna come collect your debt." ~•~ Ever since (Y/N) came to Hope's Peak Academy, there's been an uneasiness between everyone. It's almo...
  • modified
  • naegi
  • variousxreader
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Wings by DizzyHurricane
Wingsby Dani Paige ♥☯
Firstly, it was just the prisoners that were used. Then it became orphans, and even some of the elderly. Now it is everyone in a society where people are struggling to...
  • cat
  • sci-fi
  • fiction
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Blinded by vibrantdarkness
Blindedby vibrantdarkness
Your 12 birthday is when you shift. It is the big day but what happens when one girl shifts four years early. This happened to the young girl named Rhea Michelson. She s...
  • alpha
  • romance
  • werewolf
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One Chav and his Car by watt-on-earth
One Chav and his Carby watt-on-earth
An enticing story following Donnie, a pure-bred chav. This story is set in the home city of chavs- the North East, UK.
  • fam
  • boi
  • modified
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Super Gene Bahasa Indonesia by RikkoAlkadri
Super Gene Bahasa Indonesiaby Ragam Novel
Baca Chapter Selanjutnya di : (Ragam Novel) Sinopsis: Di era interstellar yang megah di mana orang-orang bisa berpergian ke ujung lain dari alam...
  • strong
  • xuanhuan
  • mutated
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The Shadows of War by vivaldings
The Shadows of Warby calista
complete // When humans are genetically modified to the point of obtaining super human abilities, can they still be considered humans? It's 487 N.E. and the tension bet...
  • genetic-engineering
  • modifications
  • action
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Lenku one-shot stories by Shirai Hisaishi (orphic saudade) by shirai-hisaishi
Lenku one-shot stories by Shirai Shirai Hisaishi
Vocaloid (Lenku) one-shots published on my fan account. Please read and review.
  • crane
  • lily
  • fanfic
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Hosts by ThatDutchGirl
Hostsby Amber Eldred
After a millennia of fighting and sometimes losing, the American government begins to advance in their technological prowess. Scientists begin to conduct tests on the...
  • youngadult
  • government
  • human
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A Key For Jackals by LillianGordonTaylor
A Key For Jackalsby LillianGordonTaylor
A new take on an old fairytale, with some science fiction undertones to boot! If you like Disney romance, princes in castles, and happily ever after, this ain't the sto...
  • fracturedfairytale
  • horror-fantasy
  • modification
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My Beloved's Eyes by NicWilson
My Beloved's Eyesby Nicolas Wilson
  • love
  • body
  • romance
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Modified Atmospheric Packaging Market Research Report - Forecast To 2023 by sakkk18
Modified Atmospheric Packaging sakkk18
Global Modified Atmospheric Packaging Market: By Materials (Polyvinyl Chloride, Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol, Polyethylene Terephthalate, Polypropylene And Polyethylene), Gase...
  • market
  • atmospheric
  • map
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The Genius Project: Tareton by tinkerthemightiest
The Genius Project: Taretonby tinkerthemightiest
The Genius Project: Tareton
  • sarcastic
  • superhero
  • pilot
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4M4L13 (A novella) by OscarHinklevitch
4M4L13 (A novella)by Oscar Hinklevitch
[COMPLETE] Science is a wonderful thing fueling many wonderful advances. Sometimes though, science goes too far, and the people pursuing a goal forget to ask a very sim...
  • evil
  • featured
  • modification
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solace interlaced by tyshakhan
solace interlacedby Tysha Khan
  • missing
  • modified
  • lace
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