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 Chapter Four:

 I kicked opened the doors,feeling pissed all of a sudden. The same effect came over Alyce as her eyes were now a bright ass red. I felt like me...but just mad for no reason.

"What's going on?" I asked Alyce.

My voice sounded snarky and mean.

"I-I have no idea. I can't change my eye color. It's like I'm being...controlled." she said and looked at me with a scared look, different from her red glowing eyes.

"Try changing it." I told her and watched her face.

"I can't. Usually it's just a natural thing. When I feel happy, they automatically change. When I'm just kinda mad, they're green or blue. I don't feel mad though. I feel kinda glad that we got out of there. Why are my eyes red if I'm happy? WHY?" she yelled,clinging on to me.

I peeled her off and gave her the chill-out-before-I-have-to-slap-you look.

"Sorry." she said and brushed herself off.

Her eye were still red and I still felt like ripping out someone's throat. Lovely image, by the way.

Something else came over me.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey. I don't feel mad anymore!" I exclaimed.

"I don't either!" her eyes went from red to brown in a matter of seconds.

"You feel happy right?"

Alyce nodded.

"Yes!" I said, pumping my fist in the air.

Alyce gave me the same chill-out-before-I-have-to-slap-you look.

I lowered my fist and cleared my throat.

"I want to go back to my old house." I said, all of a sudden.

"Where did that thought come from?" I asked myself out loud.

"LET'S DO IT!" Alyce practically yelled.

"My house is in Nevada. We are in California!" I told her.

"We can fly...or you can fly and carry me." she told me, pointing towards me.

"Flying burns a lot of calories, we might have to stop several times to eat. Got money?" I asked.

She sucked in a sharp breath,"No..."

"We'll find some somehow." I said, thinking about ways to get money.

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