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Lewis Hamilton (race car driver) portrays as Danny.


Chapter Three:

Great, just freakin' great, I thought.

I started to feel uneasy. The air around me was really hot and I began sweating. The rain seem to not hit me, as it just disappeared as it hit the heat source around me.

What the hell is going on? I asked myself.

  "ALYCE!" I exclaimed.

I saw her next to me.

  "You came back because...?" I asked her.

Her facial expression turned into a confused one, then it lit up. 

  "Oh! No, I didn't come back. You appeared next to me." she smiled mysteriously.

  "No way." I said, already knowing what happened.

She nodded.

  "Not-uh." I said in doubt again.

  "You just teleported me? With like your mind? What did they use on you?" I asked.

She shrugged.

  "Whatever it is,it helped in the long run. I guess they didn't use their brain when they were injecting me with tons of mixes and what-nots." she shrugged again.

We were a couple feet from a road. Alyce and I were hiding behind a bush and cars were passing by. We needed to get across without being seen I guess.

  "So,what do you see?" I asked,peering over the leaves of the bush.

  "From here? I see a station." she answered and looked at me with brown eyes.

  "You were going to explain those to me right?" I asked.

She nodded, "Green is pissed off, red is 'I want to kill you', dark brown is calmish with a bit of mystery,blue is cold...like I'm trying to get back at someone, black is like burning hatred. Watch out if that happens. Grey is sad and light brown is happy." she explained.

   "Interesting..." I said.

Alyce got up and started running across the street.

Stay, a voice in my head said.

The same uncomfortable feeling came again. I was hot and sweating again and anything water like evaporated. Even my sweat was starting to evaporate.

   "Hola." Alyce said and smiled.

She pointed to a police station.

   "Why would we go in there? What could we tell them? 'Oh look,I have super powers and these crazy hopped-up-on-crack people gave them to me.'? I mean,they won't believe us. They'll think we're hopped up on crack," I pointed out.

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