Chapter Twenty-Six: Spinning

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Chapter Twenty-Six:

  The distant sound of knocking woke me up from my deep sleep. The sunlight filled my eyes. I covered my eyes and stretched out at the same time. The knocking continued. I looked up at the door of the room we were sleeping in, which was closed.

  I rolled out of bed and opened it to see if possibly Alyssa was knocking the door. Nope. No one. I shuffled downstairs like a zombie, still tired. Alyssa was already downstairs, reading a book.

"Do you hear someone knocking on the door?" I asked, thinking I was crazy.

Alyssa didn't hear me.


No answer.

"Alyssa!" I yelled.

She looked up startled and took out her...earbuds.


I pointed to the door, "Someone is knocking on the door."

"Oh, must've not heard it because of my music." She smiled.

"Want me to get it?" I asked.

"Sure, if you want."

"Someone's knocking on the door." I heard Alyce say as she walked downstairs.

"I know Alyce; I'm getting the door." I shuffled over to the door and unlocked the three locks.

I fumbled with the door knob while the knocking continued.

"Will you stop knocking, I'm getting there!" I yelled through the door.

  The knocking stopped. I finally got the stupid doorknob to turn and I pulled back the door. It wouldn't open. I groaned outloud. I was becoming frustrated with this door.

"Oh, dear, you have to push outwards." Alyssa said.

I laughed at myself. I pushed the door outwards and it opened.

"What do you want?" I asked, not knowing if anyone is even there.

I heard whispering, but couldn't understand it.

"You're going to have to speak louder." I said, not looking up still.

More whispering, and I looked up.

"Ahh!" I cried and jumped back.

  I reached for the doorknob that was about two feet from me. I felt the smooth metal in my hand and started to slam it back. The door stopped an inch from closing. I looked down. The person's foot was placed between the door and the trim.

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