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Chapter Thirty-Four:

  I kept searching the computer. I wasn't going to get as far as Kate could though. I tried my best anyway. I opened files that looked odd to me. Well, I opened every file just in case there was one named 'puppies', and there was some secret bomb planning script in there.

  Kate had the radio blasting and the windows rolled down. Might as well put a neon flashing sign that said, 'Hey, look at us! We're the ones you're looking for!'. I tried going as deep as I could in the computer, then I'd have to hand it off to Kate. I clicked on the last file that was titled 'Information'. Looks suspicious enough.

I laughed, there was a bomb planning in there.

"What's so funny?" Alyce, who was sitting next to me, asked.

"Just a joke. I had this back-and-forth thing with my brain. Look, there is a bomb planning in here." I showed her the laptop screen.

Alyce looked alarmed, but I was still oblivious.

"Kat! That IS a bomb script!" Alyce shouted.

I snapped into reality (I guess I need more than five hours of sleep, eh?).

"Oh no, oh no, oh no." I clicked around the file.

"Where is located?" Alyce asked.

"What?!" I was nervous, and that made no sense.

"Where is the bomb being made at? And where is it heading?" Alyce reworded.

"Uh..." I hit something random.

"We're already here...Kate. Whatever you do. Do NOT leave California." I told her.

"Got it." Kate took a turn to avoid the exit out of California.

"What are they planning to blow up?"

"Faylen-Gene's, and...another gene place called Setres International. Never heard that before." I said.

"Kat, we've only been at this for several months, of course you've never heard of that." Alyce laughed.

I shrugged my shoulders, "So, what happens if Faylen-Gene's wants to blow up Gene-Mod? Setres wants to blow up Faylen-Gene's? And then they all end up dying? That would be weird."

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