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Soul - Colby Brock by EvieSparx
Soul - Colby Brockby Evie Blank
People stayed away from her. They knew better than to piss her off. The girl supposedly without a soul. The girl supposedly involved with a gang. The girl who supposedly...
  • changing
  • coreyscherer
  • guns
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Jump | ✔️ by escapades
Jump | ✔️by morgan
Copyright © 2014 Morgan Evans Self Publishing ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. where a simple girl clashes with a dangerous boy and all hell breaks loose
  • chase
  • badboy
  • buildings
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Poems about nature by MsSeraphina
Poems about natureby MsSeraphina
  • low
  • flying
  • wide
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Photography by alluringlytragic
Photographyby annalisa
"the world is a work of art. art that only the eye can see. it is impossible to capture that beauty in a camera lens but there's no harm in trying." -alluringl...
  • terrible
  • ice
  • photography
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Cat Spell by Bitterfrost
Cat Spellby Alisha
Gina was turned into a cat a few years back. She had started to live with a nice family now until the man that has been searching for her shows up at the front door. N...
  • home
  • spell
  • building
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Demon Hunters and Angel Killers by _Dream_
Demon Hunters and Angel Killersby _Dream_
I am alone. I am lost. I have no memory. Who am I? 4 years ago, Raven woke up in a dark alley - being shaken awaken by a young man. He told her his name was Theo and tha...
  • teens
  • hounds
  • diamonds
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Her Felicity by jerrys_andben
Her Felicityby her
Just pleasant stuff
  • buildings
  • dream
  • french
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Classified by RawrNiquole
Classifiedby Savannah
Kat Evergreen. The young girl who was taken away from her small home in Nevada was taken to an Institution. The Gene-Mod Institution. It was an old hospital, then ...
  • house
  • heal
  • broken
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Lawn Sheds Direct UK by manorperson85f
Lawn Sheds Direct UKby manorperson85f
  • lawn
  • direct
  • buildings
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A Police Officers Final Destination  by KittyKat_00
A Police Officers Final KittyKat
A young female police officer sees something, something in her head. Something involving 7 other officers that she works with. She warns them all but they don't believe...
  • blood
  • policeofficer
  • bridge
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Kidnapped, By One Direction?! by joylesspie
Kidnapped, By One Direction?!by Nikki
Ciara was living in a downtown apartment with her younger sister Suzaine and her mother. While her mother is at work all day, Ciara looks after Suzaine. It was just a d...
  • jumping
  • death
  • heart
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Constructions by InezStradlin
Constructionsby Iamyourcrossword
Inspired by a beautiful classical piece 'a river flows in you ' exploring the feelings of lust and love through the drifting of water
  • desire
  • poems
  • destructions
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Kelowna farm buildings! by zentnersteelbuilding
Kelowna farm buildings!by Zentner Steel Buildings Ltd.
Is there any need for Kelowna farm buildings for the secure and large amount of storage? Come with Zentner steel building ltd for Kelowna farm buildings that are the mos...
  • buildings
  • industrial
  • farm
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even the rotten food can help create new life.
  • poetry
  • life
  • aesthetic
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First Crawl by LennyRokkitt
First Crawlby Lenny Rokkitt
The story of how I came to love old buildings and how they helped me survive.
  • abandoned
  • teen
  • home
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