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Savannah By RawrNiquole Completed

Kat Evergreen. 
The young girl who was taken away from her 
small home in Nevada was taken to an Institution.

The Gene-Mod Institution. 
  It was an old hospital, then 
transformed into a horrible gene-mixing location. 
The gene-mixes were used on young kids like Kat. 
Two more, and many more unknown, were involved. 
Ten years later since she was five, Kat escaped.
 A clone, and another girl, are Kat's accomplices. 

  What are they trying to do? 
Where are they going? 
Who started the process of gene-mixing? The answer 
has been in front of them the whole time. 

Can they stop the source of gene-mixing? 
Or will the source continue to harm kids with their ways?

  • assassins
  • attic
  • beginning
  • bombs
  • broken
  • buildings
  • capture
  • car
  • cars
  • chapter
  • classified
  • control
  • crash
  • creepy
  • dead
  • description
  • door
  • ending
  • escape
  • final
  • genetic
  • girls
  • grass
  • guns
  • heal
  • hospital
  • house
  • kidnap
  • killing
  • knocking
  • men
  • mind
  • modification
  • mom
  • people
  • police
  • rain
  • robots
  • running
  • separated
  • sleep
  • three
  • tracking
  • trapped
  • trees
  • window
  • wings
TateHarmon TateHarmon Jun 29, 2016
I'm sorry that I already commented but when I see Gene-Mod I think of Gene from Bob's Burgers xD
HelenCorbin HelenCorbin Jan 23, 2012
Both of your awesome stories have been added to my library. Thankyou for reading my Sherlock story. What do you think of it so far?. I hope you will also check out my stories about Merlin and Arthur.
HelenCorbin HelenCorbin Jan 16, 2012
@RawrNiquouole I am a happy female Dragonlord. You have cheered me up a lot.
HelenCorbin HelenCorbin Jan 16, 2012
It means a lot too me and makes me a happy female Dragonlord.
RawrNiquole RawrNiquole Jan 16, 2012
@HelenEmrys Thank you! That means a lot. I will take a look at your work(:
HelenCorbin HelenCorbin Jan 15, 2012
I love your work and I would love to read more of your work. I hope that in return you will read my work.