Chapter Twenty-One: Leaving Always Hurts, Returning Makes It Harder

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Chapter Twenty-One:


"This should keep us away from even some people." Kate assumed.

"Aside from that, didn't anyone find that Asian chick a bit...suspicious?" Alyce asked.

"We think anyone is supscious." I answered.

Alyce shrugged, but she looked unconvinced.

The three of us, Alyce, Kate, and I, were again in a little Internet cafe in Illinois. I couldn't be sure that we were still in Rockford, but we were somewhere in Illinois. Laptops were strewn about tables, just practically giving out laptops.

"I didn't know Internet cafes' did this..." Alyce trailed off, looking around at the laptops.

"I know...I thought you had to bring your own..." Kate agreed.

We sat at a vacant table with a silver laptop. Kate, who always gets to use the computer because we don't know how to, flipped up the top screen and hit a button, turning it on. The first thing to pop on the computer was my face...and Alyce's and Kate's.

"Wanted: Kat Evergreen for murder. Reward: five thousand dollars. Wanted: Alyce Evergreen for murder and accomping Kat. Reward: six thousand dollars. Wanted: Kate Thornton for accomping both Alyce and Kat .Reward: three thousand dollars." Kate read the wanted warnings.

"You've killed someone?" I asked Alyce.

"We all did, remember? Back in that dark room?" Alyce jogged my memory.

"Oh, yeah."

"But, I've been wanted for a long, long time. Since I escaped the GeneMod."

Kate looked like she wanted to cry.

"Sorry to bring you in this situation." Alyce apologized to Kate.

"I just wanted to somehow be normal after being released." Kate's voice wavered.

I looked at the wooden flooring.

" you think we should spilt up?" my voice cracked.

Alyce looked heart-broken.

"No, you don't have too," Kate said, "I'm...I'm fine."

"Kate." she looked up.

"What do you think we should do?" Alyce asked, her voice sounding strong compared to the rest of us.

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