Chapter Fourteen: "Hands Up!" We Just Wanted Answers, Though!

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Chapter Fourteen:

Alyce didn't say anything, neither did Kate. Instead, Alyce shoved me off the ledge and jumped over the ledge. I caught her hand before she could plummet to her death. Kate was already taking off around the hotel. It took me awhile before I could set off, having to carry Alyce in a way I wouldn't drop her.

I heard the police yelling and guns clicking. They were near the window. Kate turned around and was about to say something. I already knew what was happening. We were surrounded with three police cars with flashing lights.

Six policemen stood outside their cars, protected by the open car doors, guns pointing towards us. I think one was taser. I bolted to a stop.

"We have you surrounded, give up." the police said through a megaphone.

I always thought it was something else that they said.

"Should we?" Alyce asked.

"I think we should," I said, thinking about it.

"It's a way to get answers."

I let my wings go back in slowly as I drifted to the bottom and Kate followed my lead. We ended up in a dark alley, their flashing police lights lighting the alley ever-so-often. We walked out and put our hands up. We already have a plan, even though we had no communcation.

"Walk closer." the police beckon.

"On the count of three." I whispered slowly.


We turned around and sprinted for the suite window again. I grabbed Alyce's hand and jerked up with my wings out. I heard the police's footsteps slapping against the road towards up. Kate was ahead of us. As we caught up with Kate, the window to the suite was propped up and the woman was peering out of the window, talking into a cell phone.

She saw us, and we knew it. She started yelling into the cell phone. The three of us-litterly-busted into the window and pinned her down. Alyce was going through drawers. She pulled out some electrical tape and duct tape.

"Which one?" she asked, calmly.

"We can use both," Kate said.


Kate and I got the woman to stop kicking, yelling, and throwing her hands around trying to hurt us by duct tape...and electrical tape. Her legs were taped together, her hands taped behind her back, and her mouth-taped by a single piece of the silver duct tape. We wanted answers, but right now, she needed to chill out. The police were trying to bust through the bolted/taped door. Kate is...specialized in that kind of stuff.

They gave up about an hour ago.

"Right now, you might be thinking 'What do they want?', am I right?" Alyce asked.

The lady nodded fast.

"Okay, good. We're on the same page. The answer to that question is we want answers-from you,"

Kate took off the duct tape and she winced.

"What do you want? I swear, I'll answer any question!" the woman's first words came out.

"How are you not Alyce's Mom?" I jumped in, asking the first question.

She was silent for a minute, staring at the ceiling like she was trying to remember how she's not Alyce's Mom.

"Or, better worded, why did you say Alyce was your daughter, but then said you weren't?" I revised my question.

"First, my name is Jordan. I knew about the Institution," she started off slowly,"Lexus is my real daughter. By blood. Alyce's Mom was my best friend. She knew little about the Institution, but she knew it existed. Alyce's Mom, her name was Charity, knew they were coming for Alyce-"

I was about to ask how she knew but she stopped me.

"I don't know how, but she did. Charity said her daughter has always been special. Being a mom, I knew all mom's said their child was special in some way. I adopted Alyce...but they-those weird sneaky ninja people-took her anyways. Right in my own home. Lexus...was kidnapped by them too.

"She was there since she was born. They just snatched her away from me when Lexus was born. I couldn't get her back. I'm like...old. They were like the replica of ninjas-"

"Classified Assassin's." I said, after figuring out what she meant.

"Yeah!" Jordan said, "I got Lexus back two months before. They just dropped her off at my door. Maybe it was them, I wasn't there. I didn't find out until I went to go get the mail.

"Lexus told me Alyce had escaped from the Institution. That's why I got her back. So, suspicion wouldn't arise. I don't know how someone would be worried about something they didn't even know, because the news didn't know anything. No one knew anything but Lexus and me.

"I told Charity. Charity said to act like I was your mom, Alyce. I don't know why, honestly. It still puzzles me today. That's why I said that you were my daughter because everyone in this city thinks your my daughter.

"Then,I tried to explain to you that you weren't and you started freaking out." she stopped and paused, "My hair used to be black. I dyed it blonde. Lexus's hair? Naturally blonde.

"How did she get it? I don't know. You got it from your mom, Alyce."

"Is my mom still alive?" Alyce asked, hopefully.

"Wait, we're sisters, wouldn't Charity be OUR mom?" I asked.

Jordan nodded, "Charity isn't alive."

Alyce looked down at the floor. I winced.

"What happened to her?" Kate asked.

"Car crash." was her final words before the police bursted into the doors.

I turned around fast. My instict to fight kicked in and I was already in the fighting stance. They had guns, but I've fought against guns before. You just have to be faster than the bullets.

"Hands up!" they yelled.

"We weren't doing anything!" Kate yelled back.

They looked at Jordan who was tied up with duct tape and electrical tape and gave us a look. The kind of look that says 'So, exactly what were you doing?'.

"We just want answers!" Kate shouted, seeing the look.

More police backed up the three that were there.



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