•Chapter Two: We're On The 'Hit List'

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Emma Roberts portrays as Alyce Evergreen. Emma Roberts with blonde hair.

July 26th, 2011 


Chapter Two:

  Before another Assassin popped up out of nowhere and decided to kill us, we got the heck out of there. We know the Classified group was running after us because we heard their not-so-quiet footsteps after us. We were younger and stronger, so we ran faster and they were about fifteen feet behind us and they sounded like they were slowing down. The night seem to get darker and darker, if that's possible.

  "Arghh!" the scary blonde next to me groaned.

  "What?" I asked, looking at her while we continued to run.

Her eyes were a glowing red. She didn't answer, but kept looking up at the sky. She only said three words.


Then she paused and looked up at the sky again.


She did the same thing again and looked at me for the final time.


She pointed up to the sky were some oddly formed figures were dropping from the sky. I started to shove the girl-okay, she seriously needs to tell me her name.

  "What is your name?" I asked, flat-out.


  "And it's Alyce." she said, calmly.

  I raised an eyebrow at her. I started pushing her so we were out of line with the 'metal thingies'. As the 'metal thingies' got closer, they were made of metal. They had white glowing eyes and....bat wings? Whoever created them tried to make them look human,only to fail...horribly...actually that's an understatement, I can't think of a word...The things had a super thin skin-replica over their robotic bodies that I bet if you poked it with a stick it would rip and just fall right off the robot, ew right?

They, or Attempted Human Robots is what I'll call them, had knifes or ninja swords. I snickered and Alyce shot me a glare. Then she rolled her eyes.

  She shoved me back and then we were back in align with the Attempted Human Robots. I grabbed her wrist and dragged her through the forest with the Attempted Human Robots chasing us. They made a weird clanking noise as they ran. I looked back and they were about two feet behind us. Alyce was now in front of me. She turned an abrupt right.

  "Kat!" she exclaimed.

I couldn't see. The rain blurred my eyes and my hair plastered to my face. Alyce grabbed my hand and pulled me. The last thing I saw before pitch blackness was the robots running straight ahead, then stopped and backed up all the way to where we started running.

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