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Wings by I_read_stuff_8734
Wingsby I_read_stuff_8734
Tobio Kageyama and Shōyō Hinata are dating. The boys have never been so happy in their entire lives. They're life seems normal but that suddenly changed. Hinata started...
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Angel Bond (Angel Fire Series #1) by pandaeyes90
Angel Bond (Angel Fire Series #1)by pandaeyes90
Emma's entire life changed the day her father died. Birds began to follow her and as she grew up, she learnt to rely on herself and trust no one accept her family and Sa...
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Glimpse (Completed) by authorofnone
Glimpse (Completed)by Author of None
I feel something slam into me, knocking the breath from my lungs. Only it is not the car that hits me; it is a person. He takes the brunt of the fall, rolling under me s...
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The Mark of a Fallen Angel by Misguided
The Mark of a Fallen Angelby Misguided
Alexis Gardiner has been through the normal ups and downs of a seventeen year old girl, albeit a few pluses along the way but that's beside the point. She's got loving p...
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Her Brazilian Angel by e4ella
Her Brazilian Angelby Ella💎
Most men around Christabel Knight feared her but could you blame them? She was sexy, she never smiled, she was powerful, wealthy and she never gave a damn what people th...
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Spread your Wings ✔️ by queen_mash
Spread your Wings ✔️by Unicorn-potato
Highest ranking #1 in wings [01.17.2019] #1 in fighter [04.20.2020] #17 in motivation [04.15.2019] ~~~~~~ "The deal is that you train a couple of my fighters an...
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I am Lucian by DestroyedConscience
I am Lucianby Jay
Percy Jackson is dead. He left long ago. Betrayed by those he thought dearest of. Cheated on. Accused of things he has not done. He is sentenced to death but is saved by...
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Nico di Angelo; Angel of Chaos by That_Emo_Anime_Girl
Nico di Angelo; Angel of Chaosby That_Emo_Anime_Girl
After Gaia was defeated, Nico thought he might finally be accepted at the two camps. But he wasn't. He still creeped everyone besides his close friends out, was always t...
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To Soar | Marvel by native-alien
To Soar | Marvelby Bee
The Avengers, while on the hunt to bring down all of the Hydra bases around the world, come upon another agency with much more evil intentions. While they infiltrate thi...
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Fallen by spn__destiel
Fallenby spn__destiel
After a witch hunt in southern Ohio, Dean can see Castiel's wings.
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Angel Wings (Angel Fire Series #2) by pandaeyes90
Angel Wings (Angel Fire Series #2)by pandaeyes90
Sequel to "Angel Bond." The story of Emma and Luke continues, except they are in entirely different worlds. All Emma ever wanted was to see her father one last...
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Just like old times (Bertholdt X Reader) by TrueGamerGirl99
Just like old times (Bertholdt X Iona Allan
I remember there was an accident between me and one of the boys. We were so close until it happened. I don't remember what happened but I remember it being bad, I was fo...
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One Year Later by -jaded
One Year Laterby kess
Percy's gone. Presumed dead, though Hades says his soul isn't in the Underworld, the entire camp is flung into a state of panic and sadness. Olympus isn't doing too well...
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Winged Assassin [COMPLETED] by chocolatebutterpie
Winged Assassin [COMPLETED]by chocolatebutterpie
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT READ THIS! THIS WAS WRITTEN A LONG TIME AGO SO BEWARE!! I climbed up the tree with inhuman strength. I looked over at my brother and...
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Spying on the Devil ( Rewrite ) by catherineb650
Spying on the Devil ( Rewrite )by Catherine
Everyone knows the story of Lucifer, how he was casted out of heaven becoming the first fallen angel, but what some of you didn't know was that many followed Lucifer to...
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Hunter's Angel (Destiel/Sabriel) by Gabriels_Wings
Hunter's Angel (Destiel/Sabriel)by Jasmine ^_^
Destiel/Sabriel Reverse!Verse Castiel and Gabriel Novak. You'd think they were angels from their name. But no, they were hunters. Hunters of all things that live in th...
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Red Roses by xbrokendreamsx
Red Rosesby Whitney
[GirlxGirl] A gay/lesbian love story between a vampire and a human. Molly, the human, is kidnapped by a royal vampire named Savannah. Savannah claims Molly is her 'mate...
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His Magic - Magic Kaito by BerryBerryBlitz
His Magic - Magic Kaitoby BerryBerryBlitz
[Book 2] Kaito and Saguru are still happily together at the age of 25. Kaito is a successful Doctor, while Saguru is a officer. Kaito's magic has grown in strength over...
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Creature Comforts (h.p.) by tired_and_disorderly
Creature Comforts (h.p.)by Posh Nob(tm)
Harry always knew something was not all well in his life. No matter how hard he tried to pretend everything was fine, an uneasiness was always present in his gut. Of cou...
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