My creepy experiences by DaWildJoy
My creepy experiencesby мєяяу ¢няιѕтмαѕ вιѕн
  • haloween
  • creepy
  • ghost
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Kiss  by imsinh
Kiss by imsinh
  • poems
  • quote
  • kiss
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Creative Works Of The Mind by mrscuteness
Creative Works Of The Mindby Lenni Pinkis
Random creative thoughts that may cross your mind turned into little tid-bits of stories. Some can be scary, let's face it, your mind can be a scary place. it can be the...
  • eerie
  • footsteps
  • knocking
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Who's There? by great222
Who's There?by great222
TRUE STORY!!! All events ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME. This is ALL the texts I sent and received at the time this happened. #257 in Knife
  • alone
  • scary
  • knocking
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Useful Information by Annasky123
Useful Informationby Lemon Drop
its a story......and its creepy.........hope you all enjoy it♥♥♥♥
  • knocking
  • completed
  • horror
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Stories in Short by Moody_Mouse
Stories in Shortby Mouse
This is just a bunch of short stories that pop into my head at random. If you favor one let me know with a comment and I'll try to write more about it! P.S. Thank you...
  • thefirstcutisthedeepest
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When the Dead Come Knocking by Nicolopolous
When the Dead Come Knockingby Nick
Nobody was ready. One second we were searching the web and eating Big Macs and the next, we were tearing into our neighbors and family. Now the dead rule the earth, but...
  • apocalypse
  • horror
  • knocking
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Imaginary {On Hold} by GWritesNovels
Imaginary {On Hold}by Grace
Katherine Beasley has gone through her entire life hearing odd knocks coming from the inside of her wall, misplacing objects and finding them in unexpected places, and h...
  • knocking
  • ghosts
  • suspense
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"Knock knock" by FlameLord500
"Knock knock"by Quentin Peacock
I rewrote this from memory. I believe I originally wrote it in late 2014. It is about a man hearing sounds in his head and slowly going mad(insane).
  • forevermore
  • knocking
  • insanity
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The Monster of Morse Code by BlackLilack
The Monster of Morse Codeby Raven Solis
Grimm_Kitty made the cover~ Based off of true stuff~ Five kids, all located around different parts of the US, have been hearing strange tapping that is a lot like morse...
  • code
  • louder
  • scary
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knock knock by gabfaithvigil
knock knockby gabfaithvigil
you will see how amazing this story is once you read it! ♡☆♡☆♡☆
  • jail
  • 3yearsold
  • knocking
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When death comes knocking by Bieberluv4ever
When death comes knockingby Elita and Joe
There are many different types of people in this world: The keepers The believers The deliverers The deceivers The killers Which one are you?!
  • knocking
  • deathcomesknocking
  • mcdonalds
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The Knocking (Get it? Like the Conjuring? Nevermind...) by Ginger_Renee2001
The Knocking (Get it? Like the Angelie Aggarwal
@MoonlightWaters ‘s Poetry Contest- Entry by @Ginger_Renee2001 Based off of Doctor Who's "Midnight" episode. I hope you find it... bone chilling... ENJOY...
  • knock
  • door
  • scary
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A Door Behind My Mirror by PeterSalis
A Door Behind My Mirrorby Peter Salis
  • wattpadprize14
  • chance
  • door
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If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn by AllTimeAshby
If I'm James Dean, Then You're Ronnie Horror
Noah Carlile, an adopted daughter, begins seeing the famous bassist for Sleeping With Sirens, her best friend, Sam's favorite band. She begins babysitting for Kellin Qui...
  • love
  • sws
  • warped
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Knocking on my Door by TheSpiritOfLove
Knocking on my Doorby Non of your beez-wax stalker!
gOne Direction. Angelina has heard the name, the music and the screams of the fans. And she hates it all. She doesn't get how these girls could be so in 'love' with the...
  • door
  • knocking
The Knocking by vampirediaries22
The Knockingby vampirediaries22
A boy, unknown to himself, will destroy those he loves
  • knocking
  • father
  • mother
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Letters to Diana by larrysbird
Letters to Dianaby larrysbird
These are letters to my friend,she is going through a lot and i want her to stop self harm she agreed she would do that IF I published these here and it would get votes...
  • friendship
  • published
  • keep
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Poetry from the Heart by Midnight_Star
Poetry from the Heartby Citlali
These are poems from within the heart, that I have created. I hope you enjoy and relate to them .
  • pain
  • embark
  • crying
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The Dead World I Live In by BlackRose54
The Dead World I Live Inby Elizabeth Brown
1: Ava Barns believes she is the last human left alive in a world full of zombies. She knows the cure, but how can she use this information to restore planet Earth? 2: A...
  • war
  • murder
  • zombies
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