Chapter Twenty-Four! Yay! Enjoy!

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Chapter Twenty-Four:

  Loud, loud footsteps were running past us along with screams of woman and the crying of little children. How can just hiding behind a milk container room. What so bad about that? It wasn't that bad. Then, another thought hit me:

"Do you think that we didn't cause this? That someone else did?" I whispered.

"Code Adam in progress. One minute to zero time." we all heard over a intercom.

"One minute to zero time?" I was confused.

"A Code Adam is a kidnapping or missing child, either one. If they don't find the missing person in ten minutes, they call the police. In this case, there is only one minute until they call the police for a search." Kate explained.

"Sooo, we can leave, right?" Alyce started getting up.

"No, they'll have every exit blocked, and they'll be looking for unattended children, or people holding on to kids, or whatever. Mostly anyone with a kid is going to be questioned. We can't leave because we are unattended."

"Aw, crap."

"They're going to search every inch of this store. We have to keep moving in secret, so they don't question us."

Just as Kate said that, footsteps started to gradually get louder. Alyce looked shocked.

"Uh-um-uh, just run for it!" I ''cleverely'' thought of.

  Before the footsteps could get any closer, I ran out from underneath the clothesline and dashed for the other side of the store. I didn't stop. I didn't look back to see if Alyce and Kate were behind me, and I certainly did not look back to see who was chasing after us. I was hoping Alyce would get in front of me and just teleport us there, but she was far behind Kate. I guess she doesn't work under pressure and sirens.

I mean, we came from a hell hole, practically. Sirens and people chasing people does not help. It's like a veteran after a war; they're traumatized.

"I'm running as fast I can!" I heard Alyce yell from behind me.

"I never said anything!" I yelled back.

"You kept shouting, 'Run, run, run!'" Alyce shouted in reply.

  I guess after having to run so much, and thinking it at the same time, it just got etched into my brain to where I yell it now. By then, I didn't know we were dashing for the doors, because the auto-sliding doors of the store were getting closer and closer. Two people, who were in store uniform, were blocking the door, checking everyone and everything. They saw us running for the doors and started calling in more people.

"Stop!" I heard one uniformed employee yell.

I kept running. We were almost there, might as well not stop now.

"Hold it right there!" this time a policeman was there.

  The four employees and two policemen were now ready to stop me. Tasers were ready to go, and the employees were planning to grab me. Instead of just running past them, like they thought I would, I dropped down to the ground and slid underneath the legs of one employee. As I came back up, more employees and just one policeman was waiting outside the building. They didn't see me...yet.

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