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Chapter Thirty:

"Get up, Kat."

"I'm already awake."

"No, you aren't Kat, get up."

"How am I talking if I'm sleeping?"

"That didn't make any sense, get up."

"I'm already up!"

"Get up!" I felt something soft and squishy thrown at me.

"Ew, what was that?"

"You'll find out if you open your eyes."

I opened my eyes and looked next to me.

"You threw a donut at me. Really?"

Alyce smiled. She was holding a paper plate of assorted donuts. On the nightstand next to me, the distinct smell of chocolate overwhelmed me.

"What's in the cups?" I asked.

"Hot chocolate."

"How did you get all of this?" I sat up.

"The free ''contential breakfast"."

"They didn't question you?"

"No, the owner and me striked up a conversation, actually." Alyce handed me a chocolate donut.

"How did you get back in? We don't have a key card thing. And thanks."

"Welcome. We door-stopped the door with a wooden block that was in the corner.

"Ohh..." I looked at the hot chocolate.

"I don't think it's winter, so why would there be hot chocolate?" I asked.

Alyce's eyes flickered towards the window. I didn't even ask, I got up and walked towards the window. I drew back the thick curtains.

"Oh, it is winter."

Outside, there was snow covering the ground like a blanket. People were hugging their jackets, little kids were clinging to their parents.

"How did it just go from sunny to winter?"

"Uh, even if it might be December, the sun can come out."

I nodded and took a bit of my donut.

"Hopefully you have-"


"Yes." I was going to end up taking their supply of donuts down in the lobby.

"Kate is on her way with a whole lotta donuts."

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