•Chapter Five: Computers & Sisters...What Was That Last One Again?

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Adam Levine portrays as Niko.


Chapter Five:

  I told Kate and Alyce that I wanted to try and do some research on the building the Classified were going to blow up. Also, a little research on the GeneMod Institution.

    "We have to find the nearest library." Alyce said and looked at both me and Kate.

I nodded in agreement and Kate did the same.


  "Okay, so this is the plan." I told Alyce and Kate.

  "I'll hold on to Alyce's hand, you hold on to the other, okay Kate?" I asked.

Kate nodded.

Kate and I took off running with Alyce in the middle. The two of us unfurled our wings and lifted up in the air.

    "It's even better a second time!" Alyce yelled over the air current.

I nodded and smiled at her.

    We, as in Kate and I, flew for about two hours before we both had to drop to the Earth. Still holding Alyce’s hand, I tucked in my wings and ran and then slowed down when I knew I wasn't going to fall over. I watched Kate do the same.

  "Where'd you learn that?" I asked.

I never thought she used her wings before living in a city with people around.

    "Just...instinct, I guess." she shrugged.

  We flew across Nevada and now we were now on the border of Arizona. Having wings gives you great G.P.S navigation. A small town laid across the border of Arizona and we were on the search for a library. We were in the middle of a plain and we had to walk a little to get to the other side where most of the town laid.

  "I wish we could just fly over there," Kate said.

  "Yeah, then we would have the C.I.A all over our asses," I said.

  "I said 'I wish'." Kate said.

  "I'm just playin' with you." I said and pushed her playfully.

Alyce, with her crazy teleporting powers, disappeared and casually ended up on the other side.

  "Stop." I told Kate and held out my hand to the side where Kate was.

  "What?" she asked.

  "Wait for it." I said.

  The uncomfortable feeling I get every time wasn't as bad this time. The heat waves were still around me,but no sweating this time. I looked over at Kate who seemed to have the problem I did the first time. She was sweating and freaking out. Then she disappeared, and then I appeared next to Alyce.

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